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Siemens Decides on Visual Rules for Its Route Management

The Solution to Meet Railway Scheduling Challenges

(PresseBox) (Vienna (Austria), Immenstaad (Germany), ) Siemens IT Solutions and Services PSE has chosen the Visual Rules Business Rules Management System (BRMS) from Innovations to implement business rules in ROMAN, the leading route management system for rail traffic. The man responsible for this project even goes a step further and recommends that anyone looking for such a system take a closer look at Visual Rules.

Liberalized Railway Market Requires Quick Reaction Times

The liberalization of the international railway market and EU laws have forced railway companies to adapt their business processes and rules quickly to the demands of the market in order to function competitively and respond more flexibly to customer needs.
ROMAN, the Siemens Route Management System, is the market leader because it provides answers to the demands facing rail companies around the world. ROMAN allows them to design their entire schedule planning process for a number of countries efficiently and flexibly. With its fully modular construction, ROMAN can be adapted quickly to each railway's specific requirements and infrastructure.

ROMAN – The Flexible Route Management System

To position themselves to meet future requirements even more rapidly, Siemens chose the Visual Rules BRMS from Innovations Software Technology. The business people generate the rules for resource management, and specifically rotational planning for locomotives and shift scheduling for traveling personnel.
Visual Rules allows ROMAN customers to separate business rules from technical application logic. The customers themselves can graphically adapt rules for scheduling crew shifts, for instance, to statutory and business demands in the different countries where they operate, and test these rules in a way that is fully traceable.

Bernard Führer, responsible for selecting BRMS for railway solutions business development, listed the reasons for going with the BRMS from Innovations: "Visual Rules was the top choice for us. Our business users felt at home with the software right away. We haven't needed a single day of training yet — even though we model complex rules. What's more, the cost-effectiveness is outstanding. I strongly suggest that anyone looking for this kind of system take a closer look at Visual Rules.“

Bosch Software Innovations GmbH

Innovations Software Technology provides products and services related to all aspects of Business Rules Management. These include processes and tools to define and manage business rules that can be automatically integrated in operational IT systems.

With its Visual Rules, Innovations offers a uniquely intuitive and high-performance Business Rules Management System. Using this system, business analysts can graphically model, execute, test and monitor business rules. IT experts can integrate business rules directly into operational systems and thus create the transparency, flexibility, and traceability in its business logic that a competitive enterprise requires. Visual Rules is an Eclipse plug-in and is certified for SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio, among others.

Visual Rules Professional Services also offer business rules consulting for companies, and implementation of Visual Rules is part of the company's supplemental range of services.

Innovations also offers rule-based solutions that are in use internationally by companies in the fields of finance, insurance, trade, telecommunications and industry.

Innovations is an Add-in Provider of the Eclipse Foundation.
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