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GMB Inc. – marine engineering specialist from South Korea – exhibiting at SMM exhibition in Hamburg

One-to-One Meetings with interested German companies

(PresseBox) (Ulsan - Hamburg - Munich, ) GMB is a small and medium sized company and general distribution company which was established in 2002 and based on marine automation system.

Specially, this company was selected to the Global Star Venture Company in the assessment and awarded the tower of 10 million dollars exports in 2007.

GMB are offering quality services ranging from marine system, defense engineering to shipbuilding based on skilled engineers and abundant experience to provide with a perfect solution to marine industry.

GMB sell around 18 million dollars per year and had grown 60% against last year with continuous sales growth.

Companies that are interested to meet GMB during SMM exhibition can book one-on-one meetings at:
Tel: +49-160-3791-8446 or E-mail:

Marine System
GMB was established on the base the technology independence of control system.
This company is selected the representative case of technology intensive venture company through the SSCLS (Ship shore communication Link System), ESDS (Emergency Shut Down System), and Trim & List indicator system were developed by GMB’s own technologies.
As a result, GMB obtained the SCA (Software Conformity Certificate), ISO17894 from classification and has been proved the best quality and technology in both domestic and foreign.

Defense Engineering
USV is designed for military and public service applications such as anti-terror, surveillance, reconnaissance, anti-piracy patrol and coast patrol. Operators in the remote control center can monitor coastal area or sea in hazardous condition with the USV. GMB developed the Vessel by their own technology through cooperation with KORDI (Korea Ocean Research & Development Institute). At present, the Vessel is being tested.

Oversea Business
GMB had initialized new shipbuilding business with detail market research and analysis of the business model. This company pursue after specialized vessel in order to improve marine technology as well as the market share in this field.
Recently, GMB has won the contract from Tug boat, Barge to Handy size Bulk carrier and they’re sure that order of the ship construction will increase every year.

More information about GMB at

Inline Sales GmbH

Die Inline Sales GmbH, mit Sitz in München, ist Spezialist für Business Process Outsourcing in Vertrieb und Marketing. Die Inline Sales GmbH übernimmt für Unternehmen der unterschiedlichsten Branchen, für Regierungen, Konsulate und Wirtschaftsförderungs-Gesellschaften aus der ganzen Welt den strategischen und operativen Geschäftsaufbau durch die Bereitstellung von Services und Ressourcen in den Bereichen Vertrieb, Marketing und Business Development.
Die Dienstleistungen der Inline Sales GmbH wurden in 2008 und 2009 als qualifiziertes INNOVATIONSPRODUKT und in 2009 als qualifiziertes INDUSTRIEPRODUKT von der Initiative Mittelstand ausgezeichnet.
Die Inline Sales GmbH ist Bestandteil der Inline Sales International Group und verantwortlich für das Geschäft der Gruppe in Zentral- und Osteuropa. Weitere Niederlassungen und Vertriebsbüros der Gruppe befinden sich in vielen Ländern in Europa, USA, Asien und Afrika.
In ihrer über 10-jährigen Tätigkeit hat die Inline Sales International Group namhafte Kunden betreut wie British Telecom, BBC, Motorola, COMPAREX, Samsung, EDS, Reed Elsevier oder Laser 2000. Darüber hinaus wurden bereits hunderte von kleinen und mittelständischen Unternehmen erfolgreich aufgebaut.