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Save Time and Money While Calibrating

(PresseBox) (Buchs, ) "Time intensive operational sequences and complicated processes result in high costs for hospitals while increasing the likelihood of errors." This statement is applicable to hospitals and, in particular, to the calibration and validation of medical equipment.

Close Collaboration with Our End-Users
As manufacturers of test equipment used in hospitals around the world, we strive to create solutions that improve the efficiency of the calibration process. For this reason, our Product Specialists work closely with Medical Service Technicians to determine their requirements in the field and their wishes. This close collaboration has enabled the development of numerous unique functions that have facilitated Medical Technicians on the job and assisted in minimizing errors.

Unique "All-in-One" Solution for Ventilator and Anaesthesia Machine Calibration
As the manufacturers of the FlowAnalyser, we provide the only "All-in-One" solution for the calibration and testing of ventilators and anaesthesia machines, which measures all relevant ventilation and anaesthesia parameters such as pressure, flow, volume, and gas concentrations.

Automatically Generated Test Reports
FlowLab, the optional FlowAnalyser software, provides important assistance during calibration. FlowLab enables the user to view ventilation curves, save long-term trending reports (up to 100 hours) and capture test reports detailing the measured parameters. These test reports include all measured data and can be adjusted to include details from the tested device (model, serial number, etc.) and company and service department logos.

Storing Measurements Simplifies Your Daily Work
Those who prefer to record their performance data solely using the FlowAnalyser can greatly improve their work efficiency by now storing data directly in the FlowAnalyser. With the push of a button, all measured values can be stored and later retrieved for documentation purposes. This reliable data storage offers sufficient space for 10 data records each containing 16 fields.

Firmware Version 4.1.1 - Available Mid July '08
These data storage capabilities are one highlight of the new FlowAnalyser firmware release, which will be available mid-July '08. Firmware 4.1.1 is available free of charge and previously purchased FlowAnalysers can be upgraded with the latest version. Ask your product specialist for more information regarding firmware 4.1.1.