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VEX-6225 - The ideal SBC platform for a wide range of applications

A low-cost and low-power consuming 3.5” embedded controller SBC with versatile I/O functions for industrial applications

(PresseBox) (Frankfurt am Main, ) Based on the SOM200EX module with 512MB DDR3 onboard memory, the new 3.5” SBC VEX-6225 from ICOP Technology is designed to provide stable and balanced computing performance for your industrial applications.

Equipped with 3 x Mini PCI-Express, 2 x USB, 2 x COM, SATA, Micro SD, CAN Bus, I2C, 11-bit ADC, LCD, VGA, LAN and SIM card slot allowing 3G/4G wireless communication plus 3 USBs and 32-bit GPIO through the extension I/O slot, VEX-6225 is configured to meet a large variety of application demands.

Examples are data-acquisition, industrial automation, process control, automotive controller, AVL, intelligent vehicle management device, medical device, human machine interface, robotics, machinery control etc.

The CPU board operates in temperature environments ranging from -40°C to +85℃ and supports 12 to 24V DC input.

Designed to meet 3.5” specification with backward compatibility to provide migration path for projects facing end-of-life challenges with their existing x86 based 3.5” controller. Additionally, the VEX-6225 family of controller is designed as plug in replacement with backward compatibility to support legacy software to extend existing product life cycle without heavy re-engineering.

The features at a glance:
  • Low-power consumption SOM200EX module (Vortex86EX 400MHz processor)
  • 512MB DDR3 system memory onboard
  • 3x mini PCI-Express, 5x USBs [2USBs + 3USBs(optional)], 2x COM, SATA, Micro SD, CAN Bus, I2C, 11-bit ADC, 32-bit, GPIO(optional), LAN, SIM card, LCD and VGA(optional)
  • 12 to 24V DC input support
  • -40℃ to + 85℃ support(optional)
  • Ordering part number: VEX-6225-43VE, VEX-6225-43EE
Thank you very much for your kind attention!

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ICOP Technology GmbH

ICOP Technology, member of DM&P Group was launched in 1989 as industrial controller design house and manufacturer. Driven by the explosive growth of the industrial computer demand in the early 90s, ICOP adopted x86 SoC (System-on-Chip) technology and built their reputation on offering solid embedded SBC (Single Board Computer) for applications where small footprint, low power consumption, wide temperature range and product longevity are crucial. With nearly 30 years of experience, ICOP offers an extensive range of standard SBCs, Panel PCs, Box PCs, robotic solutions and individually developed and manufactured customer-specific products as part of its ODM/OEM services. The company has manufacturing facilities in Taiwan and China as well as branch offices in major cities around the globe.