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HUSH Technologies Sytems now with Panasonic UJ-225 Blu-ray

(PresseBox) (Leonberg, ) HUSH Technologies is among the best still in the race and has again great news. The HUSH-models of the Entertainment Serial – Home Media Center - are now available with the new Panasonic UJ-225 Blu–ray optical drive. The Blu-ray drive offers 5 to 10 times more storage than DVD, meaning 25 to 50 GB of data can be stored on a single Blu-ray disc. Blu-ray drives will lead the way for next generation data and high definition movie storage.

Hush Technologies Deutschland GmbH

Headquartered just outside Stuttgart, Germany HUSH Technologies is the leading manufacturer of award-winning precision-engineered, silent PCs. Established in 2003, HUSH Technologies have been pioneering the silent PC and winning numerous awards. Ergonomics, reliability and silence are our philosophy and our focus is on beautifully designed products, at home as much in the living room as much as the office.

Hush Technologies (UK) Ltd, have teamed up with Digital Fidelity, London-based software outfit specialising in the management and control of digital content in the home, to produce the Hush DigiFi under license.

Hush Technologies - The Science of Silence.