EKO-KIT: An Efficient Solution by Hertz-Kompressoren

Ahlen, (PresseBox) - Nearly 20% of electrical power consumed in industry is used in pressurized air systems. Thermodynamic figures indicate that approximately 95% of this electric is lost to the atmosphere in the form of warm air. With Hertz-Kompressoren Heat Recovery systems, you can reuse the excess heat generated by your compressor, lowering your energy consumption and reducing your carbon footprint. In many cases, using Hertz-Kompressoren heat recovery systems, it is possible to recover anywhere from 50-90% of available thermal energy and put it to useful work heating air or water. The high efficiency conductivity of Hertz-Kompressoren Heat Recovery system allows you to reduce losses, obtaining hot water at 70 °C to be used for various purposes.

Heat recovery can be used in two ways: Room Heating and Water Heating.

- In Room Heating application, heated cooling air is used to heat a room via a ductwork system.
- In Water Heating application, heat is extracted from the heated compressor oil through a plate type heat exchanger, wherein the heated water runs through plates within a closed housing.

With Hertz-Kompressoren Eko-Kit, you can recover waste energy generated by your compressor and protect the environment.

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Hertz Kompressoren GmbH

Hertz Kompressoren is a premium brand of Dalgakiran Group Company, one of the leading air compressor producers in the world which develops a truly international Compressed Air Sales & Service network worldwide. Hertz Kompressoren is always striving to create and manufacture products of the highest quality, yet at a reasonable price for worldwide customer satisfaction. Hertz Kompressoren is selling machines and offering services over 50 countries, while its machines are operating in more than 100 countries. We offer creative, sophisticated, yet pragmatic solutions to our clients for their many challenges. The effectiveness of Hertz Kompressoren depends on the technological knowledge and expertise in setting up permanent operations in sales and after-sales service territories and adapt to the local requirements, converting them into opportunities for innovation and development.

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