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New automatic circuit breakers from the Elparts range

You’ll never need to look for replacement fuses again thanks to the smart reset button

(PresseBox) (Heusenstamm, ) The problem is a familiar one: a fuse has failed yet again and, as fate would have it, the right replacement fuses are nowhere to be found in the glove compartment. The chances of being able to continue driving are fading away.

Requirements in terms of availability and safety for vehicles used to transport goods and passengers are constantly on the rise. Where fuses used to be the equipment of choice for protecting load circuits and cables, automatic circuit breakers are increasingly being installed today. If a shut-off takes place due to an overload, a conventional fuse will blow, leaving it in need of replacement. However, when using the new Herth+Buss automatic circuit breakers featuring reset buttons, a tripped automatic circuit breaker can be immediately identified by the button popping out. Once identified, it can be reset without delay, thus ensuring that the journey can resume as soon as the cause of the error is remedied. Replacement fuses are no longer required as a result.

Automatic circuit breakers from 5 A to 200 A for passenger cars and commercial vehicles

Herth+Buss MINI automatic circuit breakers (50295690, -696) are designed for rated currents of up to 30 A and are used in passenger cars and commercial vehicles alike. Just like normal MINI fuses, the automatic circuit breakers can be easily plugged into place, and special tools aren’t necessary for fitting. The automatic circuit breakers are available in rated-current variants 5 A, 7.5 A, 10 A, 15 A, 20 A and 30 A for a voltage of 12-24 V.

The automatic circuit breakers in the high-current range (50295734, -767) are designed for rated currents of up to 200 A. These represent an alternative to high-current variants such as MEGA and CF8 fuses. These automatic circuit breakers are primarily used for HGVs, buses, mobile homes, emergency vehicles, boats, etc., where they protect alternators/generators, platform lifts, inverters, audio systems, anchor winches and other major consumers. No special tools are required in this case, either. Automatic circuit breakers for commercial vehicles are available from the Elparts product range in rated-current variants of 50 A, 60 A, 80 A, 100 A, 150 A and 200 A for a voltage of up to 42 V.

With a higher voltage of up to 48 V, these are available in 60 A, 100 A and 150 A variants.

In addition, automatic circuit breakers can be used in agricultural and forestry applications, where technical defects can also result in costly downtimes. Furthermore, such failures can result in entire harvesting chains grinding to a halt and the quality of the harvest being seriously compromised.

Automatic circuit breaker

Article number: 50295690, -696

Automatic circuit breaker

Article number: 50295734, -767

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