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It's on the road again!

The new GEMÜ roadshow is finished and operating for our customers

(PresseBox) (Ingelfingen, ) The new GEMÜ roadshow is ready for action. After many months of planning and assembly, it is once again on the road direct to our customers' premises and facilities. Equipped with an overview of our entire product range and four functional display walls covering the topic of automation, it allows all of our customers' employees to find out about their own specific topic of interest very quickly and efficiently. This includes purchasing staff and engineers from the planning department as well as employees from the production, service or maintenance departments. The information provided ranges from details about the design of valves and the presentation of new products right through to tips and tricks on installing spare parts. We can also prepare information on topics of specific interest upon request.

The exhibition room of the roadshow is housed in a containerised truck body. 12 m² of exhibition space provide concentrated expertise in a small area. Equipped with air conditioning, heating, a coffee machine and refrigerator, the roadshow ensures that its visitors enjoy a high level of comfort regardless of the weather and temperature. The large entrance area, which can also be closed with a glass door, lets a lot of light inside and gives the room a much more spacious feeling. A generously sized set of stairs provides for easy access and rounds off the interior nicely to the outside. The wall opposite the entrance is equipped with four 36" screens which show images, documentation and videos. The screens can be operated individually or as a combined widescreen presentation area. In addition, the exhibition container can easily be set down for extended deployments. A second container is currently being completed and this will allow us to operate at two sites at once in the future. An integrated external power connection also allows the roadshow to be operated independently via the towing vehicle.

During the first 12- 24 months, the roadshow will primarily be on the road throughout Germany and Europe. The towing vehicle features a fully equipped cab which leaves no wish unfulfilled for long delivery trips and deployments in remote areas. This is why our driver, Thomas Medelsky, who has been with the company since October 2009, can always arrive at your premises well rested and relaxed. Since joining he has undergone a comprehensive training programme and has taken care of the many different issues which arise with this type of vehicle. One of the courses he has completed is the Trainthe-Trainer course on exchanging shutoff diaphragms on diaphragm valves. This means he is officially authorised to instruct people in this area and he is the first point of contact for the service and maintenance staff of our customers. He is always accompanied at our customers' premises by staff from the sales department or specialist departments.

Do you want our roadshow to visit your company? Then contact your specialist advisor or contact us in Ingelfingen directly. Queries about the roadshow can be addressed to us by email at

Technical data of the vehicle:

Permissible gross vehicle weight: 12.0 t
Vehicle length endtoend: 15.0 m
Vehicle width: 2.5 m in transport mode 5.0 m fully operational
Vehicle height: 4.0 m
Power connection: 400V / 16A
Range: 1,000 km on a full tank
Siting. Flat, paved surface

GEMÜ Gebr. Müller Apparatebau GmbH & Co. KG

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