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A New Generation of Strobe Controller with Unbeaten Power Performance - SMARTEK Vision Introduces the HPSC-Series

Machine vision applications from factory automation to traffic control benefit significantly from the performance of their illumination system.

(PresseBox) (München, ) SMARTEK Strobe Controllers are designed for industrial imaging applications where fast moving objects need to be captured with minimal image blur. Due to ultra-short but high power flashes, illumination intensity is significantly increased with reduced thermal effects for the LEDs, allowing for a safe exploitation of LED illumination devices beyond their standard mode of operation.

With the new HPSC-series SMARTEK Vision offers full control over light-strength, timing, synchronization and overdriving of one or more illumination devices, providing power to fulfill the demand for increasingly strong high-power LED arrays with high stability. The modular concept allows for quick and easy adaptation to every requirement in count of channels, power specification or form factor.

The new HPSC1 strobe controller provides outstanding performance, optimized for low voltage applications up to 50V. The internal power supply provides 120W on one output channel, allowing for stabilised continuous currents of 5A at 24V and pulses of up to 40A at 48V. The small form factor housing, measuring only 103 x 88 x 38 mm, is achieved by use of a hi-grade power supply reaching 90% efficiency, and features Optimal Autosense® for determination of the illumination’s optimum working point. With a precision input-to-output delay of just 2µs and a signal rise time of less than a microsecond, parameterized with up to 1µs / 1µA resolution the HPSC1 provides a precision to fulfil the requirements of any application. Due to the lower voltage range, the HPSC-family is able to use screwable low voltage connectors for the power output, making cabling easier and assemblies providing hi-voltage connectors unnecessary. The opto-isolated input line and a dedicated trigger output line complete this approach.

André Brela, Product Manager SMARTEK Vision, explains the advantages of the new HPSC series: ”The latest developments in the LED-technology have shown power density is still rising in conjunction with power requirements – no matter if implemented into industrial illuminations for Machine Vision or as modules into customer specific solutions. Thanks to High-Power and COB-LEDs users are able to receive much higher light performance compared to a couple of years back - assuming there is an appropriate supply providing enough power and current stability. The SMARTEK HPSC matches exactly these new application needs with an internal supply capable of 120W output, providing enough power for precisely illuminated continuous applications. Together with very precise and reliable output timing especially for users looking for strong overdriving capabilities this can significantly benefit their applications. Lowering the maximum output voltage to 50V is the key change to raising the current level for strong output pulses, also by focusing on low-voltage applications this addresses the most common illuminators on the market today.”

The use of buck and boost mode to power illuminations it is fully independent of the external supply voltage and reaches a higher efficiency with a further optimized electrical design. With operating modes from continuous, external, internal and software trigger to external switch, the customer can chose the best fitting trigger mode for their application needs. The HPSC1 comes with a single output channel, multi-channel versions will be ready for market entry in 2016. The strobe controller is housed in a robust aluminum case prepared for operation in tough environments and equipped with a temperature sensor providing overheat protection.

In addition to the longevity and reliability of the system, customers can benefit from easy and quick integration choosing one of three different interfaces for configuration and control (Ethernet, USB 2.0 and RS-232). The access to the controller settings via a ready to use software application as well as the web interface, enhanced by RAW command support and a fully described API (C, C++, C#.Net, VB.Net, Delphi) for Windows and Linux affords an easy integration into any software application.

The HPSC-series is available from SMARTEK’s exclusive distributor FRAMOS, a global imaging provider with a deep knowledge of sensors and systems. For the SMARTEK Vision camera lines customers are supported with special customization and solutions to help solve the specific challenges in their application.


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