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Globalizing Time Collection: Due to the Cooperation of Flintec (Mannheim) and Kaba Workforce Management AsiaPacific (Singapore), a distance of 10,300 km ceases to matter

(PresseBox) (Mannheim/Singapore, ) Due to the need to staff offices in different states within Australia and the frequent business trips that characterize the Asian-Pacific business world, employees often find their assignments geographically spread over the 7,617,930 km2 of the continent. Their access to a phone and a network has proven to be a reliable constant in business life. As a logical consequence, Kaba Australia sought to manage worktime by collecting time stamped events (clock-in, clock-out) by phone (landline, cell or smartphone) or by smartphone (Android Apps and Web Apps). Flintec has designed a time data collection solution that is free of phone use charge. What's more, the physical location of the telephony server becomes obsolete. Flintec is located in Mannheim, Germany, and offers multi-client time collection by phone and mobile as managed telephone service. Flintec's cloud based time collection technology--developed 10,300 km away--provides Kaba Australia now with a "Proof of Concept."

Kaba's competence center for Kaba Workforce Management Asia Pacific is located in Singapore. Here, the communication interface between Kaba B-COMM and Kaba partner's time management (e.g. SAP ERP) is also hosted. Flintec's time collection by phone and mobile is seamlessly compatible with Kaba's stationary collection terminals. The connection between B-COMM (Kaba Singapore) and the telephony (Flintec Mannheim) is established using a VPN.

The entire process-from capturing time data by phone, mobile, and stationary Kaba terminals to analyzing and interpreting the collected time stamps using a time management subsystem-can be tracked and validated from virtually everywhere in the world as long as rights of access have been granted: this is made possible using the Flintec telephone server (s.a. Flintec TimeTracking), the Kaba B-COMM server, and the SAP time management host. Richard Koch, consultant at Kaba Singapore, argues: "This hightech telephone system demonstrates that globalization indeed has become a reality."

Flintec's cloud based solution-a quick and inexpensive set up-is also well suited for migration from an on-demand service solution to an on-premise system. When an on-premise system uses SIP for phone access (IP-network or PBX) and is based on a virtual machine, the installation will be done remotely. Due to its physical location, the installation will be customs-free.

Flintec is a leading developer and provider of telephony turn-key solutions based on Flintec's IVR and CTI platform for end users (BMW, Daimler, ..) or OEMs (Kaba and Kaba partners for time registration).