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parts2clean – Cleaning solutions for All Industries

Leading European Trade Fair for Industrial Parts Cleaning Continues its Upswing

(PresseBox) (Neuffen , ) Just under 200 exhibitors will present products and services for the entire process sequence in the field of industrial parts cleaning at the 4th parts2clean. The range of products includes solutions for users from practically all industries. As a supplement to trade fair offerings, technical knowledge concerning all aspects of cleanliness as a quality factor will be provided at the integrated expert forum with 29 presentations, as well as at a special show entitled “Industrial Parts Cleaning”. parts2clean will take place in Friedrichshafen from the 7th through the 9th of November, 2006.

With just under 200 exhibitors from 7 countries, parts2clean promoter fairXperts GmbH is once again able to announce a growth rate of approximately 15%. The fact that the leading Trade Fair for Industrial Parts Cleaning is drawing more and more attention from foreign countries is substantiated by an increase in the quota of foreign exhibitors from 13% to 18%. The steady growth experienced by parts2clean is also reflected in the continuously increasing significance of industrial parts cleaning in the manufacturing environment, as well as for maintenance: Parts cleanliness has become a quality criterion which is being defined more and more frequently by means of specified, reproducibly fulfillable, documented residual contamination values. And this makes parts2clean an ideal information and procurement platform for expert visitors from all industries.

A Wide Variety of In-Depth Offerings Covering the Entire Process Sequence
Once again this year, systems for cleaning and drying parts and components made of metal, plastic, glass, ceramics and composites comprise one of the exhibition’s main focal points. All of the renowned manufacturers of batch and single-part cleaning systems from this sector will be represented at the event. The number of suppliers of blasting technology has increased sharply, for example CO2 snow jet cleaning, shot blasting wheels and barrel finishing. parts2clean 2006 has also attracted additional exhibitors in the areas of manufacturing, treatment and disposal of process media and workpiece carrier systems, and washing baskets for cleaning-compatible logistics, as well as quality assurance and analysis systems for testing component surfaces and functional areas, and monitoring of rinsing baths. Europe’s only trade fair for cleaning technology will also present attractive offerings in the areas of handling and automation systems, alternative cleaning processes such as plasma, laser and biological cleaning, as well as consultation, services and research. With its comprehensive portfolio, parts2clean provides users with the opportunity of gathering concentrated information in a targeted fashion regarding solutions for their own specific cleaning tasks during the course of a single day. Possibilities for economic adaptation of cleaning quality to ever stricter cleanliness requirements can also be efficiently identified, for example potential time and cost savings in the parts cleaning process.

Innovative Solutions in All Areas
Numerous exhibitors also take advantage of the leading trade fair for industrial parts cleaning in order to present their latest innovations, for example an new system concept which has been developed for the use of so-called MPC cleaners. These cleaners, by means of which surface tensions of greater than 50 N/mN can be attained in the washing process, represent the latest generation of cleaning agents. A new spray-flood system will be presented for highly effective aqueous cleaning of parts with complex geometries. A new, fully automated, environmentally friendly cleaning system will be exhibited at parts2clean for cleaning welding seams on MAG welded auto body parts made of sheet metal which are contaminated with silicate slag and deposits. In the field of ultrasonic cleaning, the development of multi-frequency generators and laser-welded submersible transducers is allowing for greater flexibility and safety. The problem of “residual magnetism in ferromagnetic components” is being solved by an innovative demagnetising system. Reliable demagnetising not only prevents defects which result from contamination, it frequently simplifies assembly and reduces wear of moving parts as well. The time at which the rinsing bath needs to be replaced can be precisely ascertained with the help of a new sensor system, because it provides the user with objective criteria for determining the degree of deterioration of the washing fluids.

Expert Forum and Special Show – Answers to a Host of Questions
The integrated parts2clean expert forum covers the growing demand for information relating to all aspects of industrial parts cleaning with practice oriented presentations held by experienced experts from industry, research and science. On opening day, the program will offers ten presentations on the subject of “Technical Cleanliness – Surface Analysis”, including speakers who are involved with the new VDA 19 and ISO 16232 regulations for standardised cleanliness testing for components used in the automotive industry. “Inline Cleaning and Quality Assurance” will be emphasised at the presentations held on the second day, and “New Processes and Technologies” will be treated on the third day. The lectures are only in German language.
The objective of the special show is to encourage expert visitors to think about their own cleaning processes. At the same time it will show which factors influence cleaning results, and it will pinpoint areas within which optimisation potential exists.

parts2clean will be open daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. from the 7th through the 9th of November, 2006. Participation at the expert forum is free of charge for visitors. Further information and the agenda for the expert forum can be accessed at
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