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Supplying Added Value with Mechatronics

mechatroniX, 1st International Trade Fair for Applied Mechatronics from the 16th through the 18th of June, 2009 in Augsburg (Germany)

(PresseBox) (Neuffen, ) In the wake of increasing international competition, solutions are in demand in the field of machinery manufacturing, as well as other sectors, which provide customers with added value and additional benefits. Mechatronics is the key. This is resulting in rapidly growing requirements for mechatronic components, systems and know-how, as well as appropriate training and continuing education. mechatroniX now provides all suppliers, users, advocates and “missionaries” of mechatronics with a concentrated presentation and procurement platform for the first time, which simultaneously promotes an interdisciplinary, cross-industry dialogue. The 1st international trade fair for applied mechatronics with accompanying workshops organised by Cluster Mechatronik & Automation will take place in Augsburg, Germany, from the 16th through the 18th of June, 2009.

The weak point of the conventional R&D process in the field of machinery manufacturing, as well as in many other sectors, is the strict separation of, and the various weightings assigned to the disciplines of mechanical engineering, electronics and software. In contrast to this, mechatronics makes use of a complex, holistic R&D approach. The final product is no longer viewed from the standpoint of the individual disciplines, but rather from a “functional” perspective. On the one hand, this altered way of looking at things necessitates interdisciplinary, coequal cooperation and agreement of the different fields of endeavour right from the start of the R&D phase. On the other hand, inviting external component manufacturers and service providers to become involved is absolutely essential. All of this results in a significantly shortened engineering process and considerably reduced R&D costs – and product features are optimised at the same time. And thus mechatronics provides companies with the opportunity of differentiating themselves from the competition by means of a technological advantage, offering customers products added value, implementing cost savings and reacting more quickly to changing market requirements.

Finding Efficient New Partners and Solutions
Lots of companies are aware of the significance of mechatronics for their competitive edge, and for their ability to navigate the future. However, they haven’t yet established contacts with the right partners. mechatroniX intends to change this situation. As opposed to other technical trade fairs at which mechatronics is only represented as a marginal issue, the international trade fair for applied mechatronics presents the entire spectrum of mechatronics expertise with mechatronic systems and solutions, parts, components, micro-systems technology, software solutions for simulating functions and controlling R&D processes, consultation and services, science and research, as well as training and continuing education. The trade fair is thus the ideal information, communication and procurement platform for users of mechatronics from a great variety of industry sectors. This in turn makes it possible for suppliers to efficiently penetrate new applications and contact potential new customers.

Creating and Expanding Mechatronics Know-How
Mechatronics can only be used and implemented successfully if companies succeed in breaking through old patterns of thought and habitual action which have developed over the decades, introducing mechatronic organisational structures and developing interdisciplinary, team-oriented thinking – a process of change which companies are unable to master overnight, and which is frequently supported by external consultation. “We want to help companies create and expand mechatronics know-how at mechatroniX – not just by presenting innovative mechatronic solutions, but rather by means of promoting a dialogue and an exchange of ideas and experience amongst users, suppliers, researchers and universities as well. The workshops, which will be held by Cluster Mechatronik & Automation, represent a further building block to this end”, explains Hartmut Herdin, managing director of event promoters fairXperts GmbH. And in this respect, practical training which is oriented towards the needs of the respective company must not be forgotten either, because mechatronics is often taught separately in the form of individual disciplines including mechanical engineering, electronics and computer sciences. Beyond this, mechatroniX can be also viewed as an initiator for new collaborations and research projects.

Additional Knowledge from Workshops
As a supplement to the presentation offered by the anticipated 80 to 100 exhibitors, the workshops held on all three days of the trade fair in cooperation with Cluster Mechatronik & Automation will also offer valuable know-how. Topics include “Management and Mechatronics”, “Mechatronics in Product R&D” and “Mechatronics in Human Resources Development”.

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