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Keep it Clean

10th Leading International Trade Fair for Industrial Parts and Surface Cleaning in Stuttgart from 23 through 25 October 2012

(PresseBox) (Neuffen, ) Roughly five months before the 10th parts2clean, more than 170 exhibitors have already reserved their booth locations. This indicates that the anniversary event of the leading international trade fair for industrial parts and surface cleaning from 23 through 25 October 2012 will once again be larger than ever before. Participants also include numerous exhibitors who offer solutions for maintaining achieved levels of cleanliness after the cleaning process. The spectrum for this sector ranges from systems for cleaning small load carriers, preservation and corrosion protection, right on up to packaging. Furthermore, presentations will be held at the highly frequented parts2clean expert forum in both German and English for the first time in 2012.

When people hear the term industrial parts cleaning, they usually think of “washing machines” for turned parts, and perhaps cleaning agents as well. The fact that the range is considerably more complex than this is demonstrated by taking a glance at the exhibition portfolio for part2clean: The leading international trade will cover the entire process sequence with systems and processes, as well as process media for degreasing, cleaning, deburring and pre-treatment of parts, parts baskets and workpiece carriers, handling and process automation, cleanroom technology, environmental engineering and conditioning technology, job-shop cleaning, quality assurance, test methods, analysis procedures, corrosion protection, preservation, packaging and technical literature. And growth is plainly evident for the 10th parts2clean which will be held at the Stuttgart Exhibition Centre from the 23rd through the 25th of October, 2012. Not only does the exhibitor list already include roughly 170 companies five months before the event opens, it’s full of world-class enterprises as well. The market and technology leaders from all sectors have already booked their booth locations.

Avoiding Recontamination of Cleaned Parts
Where protecting cleaned parts from corrosion and recontamination during transport and storage is concerned as well, the exhibitors at parts2clean offer effective solutions for all types of tasks in the areas of manufacturing and MRO.
These include media for parts preservation, as well as for protecting cleaned parts against corrosion, for example corrosion protection emulsions, oils, greases and waxes. The protective action of these media lasts from between a few hours and several years. Anti-corrosion packaging is used as a supplement to these media. This type of packaging also offers ideal protection for lengthy periods of storage, or during transport. Solutions of this sort include, for example, so-called VCI materials (volatile corrosion inhibitors). Volatile corrosion inhibitors are released from these materials and generate a gaseous phase within the sealed package which protects against corrosion. They consist of either powders, granulates or liquids, or impregnated foils and paper. In the case of VCI emitters in the form of powders, granulates, liquids or paper, virtually airtight containers are required for effective use, in which the metal parts are stored or transported together with the VCI emitter. Sealed packages can be manufactured directly from VCI foils, especially in the form of bags or covers. After the metal parts to be protected from corrosion have been inserted, the openings are closed, for example by simply fusing or gluing them together.

Cleaning Small Load Carriers
Cleaning small load carriers, which are available in various standardised sizes and a variety of materials, is a task which is gaining in significance. They’re used in the automotive and electronics industries, machinery manufacturing, medical engineering and other sectors in the field of parts logistics. Even if only cleaned parts are transported in these containers, contamination cannot be avoided. In the case of automotive parts for which cleanliness is critical, cleanliness requirements for small load carriers are just as strict as they are for the workpieces themselves. This represents a challenge for the utilised cleaning technology. parts2clean exhibitors offer efficient solutions to this problem as well.

Presentations covering this issue will also be held at the three-day parts2clean expert forum. Talks offered at this well established, highly frequently store of knowledge will be simultaneously interpreted for the first time at the anniversary event (German/English and English/German). Further information is available at
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