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Solutions for Efficient Painting

PaintExpo – International Trade Fair for Industrial Coatings Technology in Karlsruhe

(PresseBox) (Oberboihingen, ) It’s already plainly evident that PaintExpo will present comprehensive Europe-wide offerings for industrial coatings technology in Karlsruhe from the 11th through the 14th of March, 2008. Solutions offered by the exhibitors make it possible for users from all industries to introduce more economy, quality and environmental compatibility into the painting process – regardless of whether workpieces made of metal, plastic, wood or other materials need to be coated.

Nearly four months still remain until the Karlsruhe Exhibition Centre will be transformed into a meeting place for the international coatings industry for the second time, but net exhibition floor space of greater than 64,000 square feet is already fully occupied. “Numerous exhibitors have booked significantly more floor space for larger booths in order to be able to present the largest possible range of offerings, and to demonstrate their products live”, reports Jürgen Haußmann, managing director of trade fair promoters FairFair GmbH. In addition to larger booths, growth for PaintExpo is also the result of larger numbers of exhibitors from both inside and outside of Germany, who will present products and services for liquid painting, powder coating and coil coating. This makes PaintExpo an ideal information and procurement platform for specialist visitors from companies with in-house painting facilities, and from job shop coaters.

Broad, In-Depth Offerings Covering the Entire Process Sequence
As the industry meeting place for industrial coating technologies, PaintExpo offers an extensive overview of innovations and new developments. Systems technology and application techniques represent one of the exhibition focal points for industry key players and trendsetters represented at the event. Suppliers of liquid paints and powdered enamels have experienced considerable growth in numbers. On the one hand, attention is focused in this area on painting systems which allow for adherence to the VOC directive and simultaneously assure high quality results, and, on the other hand, accelerating the coating process and reducing the length of the coating line. Increasing process reliability, for example through the use of dependable, easy to use mixing and dosing equipment, is in the foreground where the processing of multi-component paints is concerned. Ever smaller lot quantities and a continuously increasing variety of colour tones, as well as shorter and shorter life cycles, also represent significant challenges for operators of painting and coating systems. System concepts which are laid out consistently for flexibility assure efficient operation and a sharp competitive edge in this respect.
With new developments in the areas of application and powder feeding systems, low-temperature powder coating systems and innovative modular controllers, PaintExpo provides answers to the problems of improving quality and efficiency and reducing energy consumption.
Automation technology is another exhibition topic which has experienced significant growth. Painting robots and innovative simulation systems will be presented which assure compliance with the high levels of quality and reproducibility required for painted coatings above all in the automotive industry, and in many other sectors as well. New developments for simpler programming and 3D simulation make use of these systems effective, even in small to mid-sized companies. Pre-treatment, paint stripping, quality assurance and accessories are other areas for which innovative solutions will also be presented at PaintExpo.

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