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  • Thomas Øverbø

Open Source Thrives in a Slowing Economy

(PresseBox) (Dortmund, ) Despite continuous news of layoffs and bear markets, the creator of eZ Publish is currently looking to hire more crew members and product development is as active as ever. eZ's steady Enterprise Open Source business model and solid Enterprise Open Source CMS eZ Publish are set up to provide its ecosystem of customers and users with stability, even in a slowing economy.

Since 1999, eZ Systems has been building its business while giving away its product code. For almost 10 years, eZ has been delivering consistently good work, collaborating with a network of skilled implementors, and developing top-notch Open Source products. eZ's unique and profitable business model takes the best of other traditional business models to provide customers with the most efficient, flexible offering. The core elements of this model include:

- A single, professional business entity coordinating the core development of the product and providing base-line services
- A network of eZ Partners, who provide professional service and support, as well as specific domain expertise
- An Open Source community that contributes feedback, ideas, and code
- The freedom for customers to download, install, develop, and support the system themselves (for free) or to make use of responsive, expert help

Without the success of its partners and customers, eZ would not be able to grow as a profitable Open Source business, even if it had a great business model. As a result, eZ's goals are well-aligned with the members of its ecosystem.

Freed from licensing fees and vendor lock-in, users of eZ Publish and other eZ products are well-equipped to adapt to a volatile market. At the same time, they have the peace of mind that their Content Management solution is continuously being improved. Customers whose websites are backed by eZ Publish Premium get affordable and reliable support, maintenance, security fixes, monitoring, and more.

As for eZ itself, one needs to look no further than eZ's current job postings and roadmap to see that the company is healthy and thriving. eZ has openings in a variety of positions in Belgium, France, Germany, and Norway. Whether you are a PHP developer or a technical writer, eZ is interested in hiring skilled team players to share its passion and commitment to Open Source and to help serve the needs of its ecosystem.

The next major version of eZ's flagship CMS is eZ Publish 4.1, scheduled for release on March 17. Among other things, it includes an updated WYSIWYG Online Editor, new object states, official Oracle DB support, an enhanced caching system for high-traffic sites, and a multi-file upload extension. Enterprise Search extension eZ Find 2.0 is due out on February 18, with a wealth of new features such as drill-down navigation (also called "faceted searching"), tuning of relevance rankings, search phrase spell-checking, "more like this" related links, and much more.