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eyevis PxP pixelprocessor, the ideal solution for image correction

(PresseBox) (Reutlingen, ) The EYE-PXP alignment tool features a comprehensive toolset for calibration of single- or multi channel display systems, also LCD monitors, which require colour and brightness correction of the projection channels due to the deviations of the projection devices. Additional functionalities, such as colour shading, alpha masks and pixelaccurate blending make the system a first choice solution for professional multichannel projections to achieve optimal colour and brightness uniformity. The EYE-PxP provides an easytouse GUI which enables comfortable configuration for one or multiple channels. Of course, the EYE-PxP provides best compatibility with all visual display solutions from eyevis, but it can also be used with products from other manufacturers.

It comes with a comfortable gamma correction through a 24 bit LookUpTable (LUT) for gamma correction. Freely uploadable curves. For each colour (red, green and blue) an individual LUT can be uploaded.

for alpha shading, pixelwise transparency correction for hot spot correction, blending and masking. A shading map with transparency information for each pixel can be uploaded. the colour correction works by 3x3 colour transformation matrix for colour space transformations. Independent offsets for red, green and blue for brightness correction (black level increase). It has also pixel wise colour correction for shading correction. A shading map with independent transparency information for red, green and blue for each pixel can be uploaded. This can be used for blending, masking and colour correction if some parts of the image show colour shading effects. Thanks to the innovative "resolutionpassthrough technology", the device can be easily integrated into any system environment without the necessity to configure the desired resolution. Embedded resolution analysis. The resolution of the connected DVI-D source is detected and can be read out to ensure a correct resolution setting of the connected Image generators. There is also a DDC-EDID emulation to ensure easy integration with any Image generator. The EDID information can be programmed on the device so that the image generator will always detect the device and will not notice any changes of the connected display. Any setting and parameter can be permanently stored on the device. After a power cycle, no connection to a PC is needed to activate the setting stored last. Without saving the changed parameter, the device will come up with the last stored setting after power cycle. This ensure a safe, easy and user friendly interaction. A preset button can be used to load a standard configuration instead of the saved user configuration. Based on internal processing, the latency is reduced to a minimum of a couple of pixel. This ensures a lipsync fully genlocked processing of live video streams.

The input and output is a singlelink DVI-D for resolutions up to WUXGA (1920x1200@60Hz) or 2k (2048x1080@60Hz).

eyevis Gesellschaft für Projektions- und Großbildtechnik mbH

eyevis from Reutlingen in Germany is specialized in the development and production of highquality large screen systems and guarantees a continuous further development in hightech, quality and complete specific customer display solutions. Besides the rear projection units, based on the DLP(TM) Technology from Texas Instruments and controllers to manage multiprojection walls, eyevis is also developing intelligent software solutions to achieve a complete, unique and perfect large screen system. The name eyevis stands for quality, innovation, flexible and redundant systems and solutions in the field of large screen visualisation. For every application, whether control room or communications, conference or congress area, foyer, show room, information system, exhibition, convention, event or training centre, eyevis offers a solution tailored to your individual requirements with the best image quality. The product range also includes highresolution TFT LCD monitors and special solutions for simulation and virtual reality applications.

eyevis' ambitious principle has always been the permanent further development of its product range which aspires to include the most modern technologies in perfect quality. The result of this "stateoftheart" philosophy is the permanent development of products which constitute cuttingedge technology in their field of application. This makes eyevis one of very few manufacturers who are able to provide complete systems - highend quality "Made in Germany ".

Thanks to its many years of experience and technological advantage eyevis is the ideal partner for the realisation of complete and customised solutions. Continuous investments in research and development guarantee a head start in the field of large screen technology.

eyevis has a worldwide network of offices, subsidiaries and Service & Sales partners that have trained engineers for consultancy, installation and service for eyevis systems in their country or region. Today, after 12 years of experience and presence in the fields of large screen visualisation eyevis has become one of the leading producers of large screen technology. eyevis systems can be found in numerous control rooms and other applications all over the world.