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LCD monitors for 24/7 use from eyevis

(PresseBox) (Reutlingen, ) Today, LCD monitors are more and more used in digital signage applications, small control rooms, Pointsof-Sale, Pointsof-Waiting, Pointof-Information applications for the display of advertisements, information, schedules or control room content such as CCTV cameras or critical surveillance applications. In some of these fields of application, the monitors are not in operation the whole day, but in some of them the systems run 24 hours on 365 days a year. Up to now it was not recommended to use LCDs more than 20 hours per day because of "image retention" damaging the displays, also known as "image persistence" or memory effect, especially when displaying static pictures. Eyevis has now introduced their new display versions EYE-LCD-4200-24NB and EYE-LCD-4700-24-NB. Both displays come with various features enabling their use in 24/7 operation. The displays have a narrow bezel of only 15 mm and a robust aluminium chassis, which makes them a first choice for stable installation in modular video wall arrays. The monitors have native FullHD resolution and a size of 42" for the EYE-LCD-4200-24NB and 47" for the EYE-LCD-4700-24NB. They are equipped with various input possibilities for video and data signals. In total the displays provide 2x Scart, for video 3x Cinch, 1x Mini-DIN, for audio 4x Cinch, for PC 15 pin HD-Sub, serial 9 Pin HD-Sub, Digital PC/video interface 2x HDMI (DVI-D), PC Audio input 2x Cinch, audio output 4x Cinch. The simple video setup is guaranteed by an internal scaler with a matrix function for predefined clusters like 2x2, 3x2, 3x2, 3x3, 3x4, 4x3 and 4x4. The displays can be used in landscape or portrait mode. The displays can be operated in 24/7 operations when observing certain prescriptive limits and when using them within recommended operating conditions. Eyevis has integrated several optimised features in order to increase the lifetime of the system and for protection.

The features are the following:
-Black and White Optimisation:

Optimises the display of very small details. Particularly in dark areas, even the smallest details - not visible on conventional displays - can be displayed generating an extremely brilliant and highcontrast image.

-Intelligent cooling concept:

The intelligent cooling system works in two cycles, an open loop and a closed loop. Depending on the display size and its power consumption, one, two or more air ventilation ducts can be integrated. Furthermore, a special sealing method avoids dust accumulation inside the display. The cooling system is very energy efficient and maintenancefree, reducing the cost of ownership.

-Dynamic control of contrast:

A very complex technique allows incessant correction of both the backlight brightness and contrast of the TFT cells, resulting in a natural, very highcontrast image. Additionally, this results in reduced power consumption.

-Intelligent Dynamic Noise Control:

Intelligent algorithms suppress the "noise" typical for analog signals, while optimising image performance.

-Dynamic Pixel Refresh:

A special system driving the TFT cells avoids image sticking and increases display lifetime considerably.

-Dynamic Pixel Shift:

Continuous shifting of the entire image in different directions prevents image sticking. At normal viewing distance, this is almost not visible. If required by the application, the shifting area can be adjusted manually.

-Smooth Contrast:

An intelligent scaling mechanism smoothes extreme contrast transitions. This process avoids the so called boundary line image sticking, which occurs at "hard" transitions (e.g. black to white). If required, the degree of "softening" can be adjusted manually.

-True Film Function:

True Film Function uses special algorithms allowing film reproduction (DVDs) in amazing quality. This applies not only to commercial standard definition DVD material, but also to DVD films in HD 1080i (e.g. Blu-Ray).

With these new displays eyevis sets new standards in terms of image quality, reliability and durability. These displays are the ideal solution for professional applications, where standard LCDs reach their limits.

eyevis Gesellschaft für Projektions- und Großbildtechnik mbH

eyevis from Reutlingen in Germany is specialized in the development and production of highquality large screen systems and guarantees a continuous further development in hightech, quality and complete specific customer display solutions. Besides the rear projection units, based on the DLP(TM) Technology from Texas Instruments and controllers to manage multiprojection walls, eyevis is also developing intelligent software solutions to achieve a complete, unique and perfect large screen system. The name eyevis stands for quality, innovation, flexible and redundant systems and solutions in the field of large screen visualisation. For every application, whether control room or communications, conference or congress area, foyer, show room, information system, exhibition, convention, event or training centre, eyevis offers a solution tailored to your individual requirements with the best image quality. The product range also includes highresolution TFT LCD monitors and special solutions for simulation and virtual reality applications.

eyevis' ambitious principle has always been the permanent further development of its product range which aspires to include the most modern technologies in perfect quality. The result of this "stateoftheart" philosophy is the permanent development of products which constitute cuttingedge technology in their field of application. This makes eyevis one of very few manufacturers who are able to provide complete systems - highend quality "Made in Germany ".

Thanks to its many years of experience and technological advantage eyevis is the ideal partner for the realisation of complete and customised solutions. Continuous investments in research and development guarantee a head start in the field of large screen technology.

eyevis has a worldwide network of offices, subsidiaries and Service & Sales partners that have trained engineers for consultancy, installation and service for eyevis systems in their country or region. Today, after 12 years of experience and presence in the fields of large screen visualisation eyevis has become one of the leading producers of large screen technology. eyevis systems can be found in numerous control rooms and other applications all over the world.