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A new "gadget" by eyevis

The Eyevis DVI EDID emulator, a programmable DVI DDC-EDID and hotplug-Simulator

(PresseBox) (Reutlingen, ) The EYE-EDID-SIM-DVI emulates the selected/programmed EDID to the attached PC computer (emulating a DVI display) for continuous video output, even if the attached display is disconnected or powered down.

These emulators become very helpful if you want to test or setup your configuration without the output devices being present or if you want to switch displays without loosing the DVI signal from the source because most computers will deactivate the DVI output when no device is attached to it.

The EDID emulator allows the user to set up any DVI output resolution, regardless if the used device supports these resolutions or not. Most PC or DVI sources are reading the EDID of the attached display and then limit the selectable output resolutions of the graphic card. The EDID emulator will solve this problem.

The EDID emulator works passively, hence comes without any need for an additional power supply.

The Eyevis EDID emulator does not use presets in conjunction with a switch. For uploading or changing the emulated EDID, you will need the EYE-DDC programmer.

In order to program the emulator, you will need the EYE-DDC-Programmer. The EYE-DDC Programmer is able to read current EDIDs from both the EYE-EDID-SIM-DVI emulator as well as any display and write any modified EDID onto the emulator and display, respectively, given that the display has an EDID that is not writeprotected.

The EYE-DDC-Programmer needs a PC connection (USB) for the programming process.

The advantages are that there is a continuous output signal even with a disconnected or powered off display, the possibility to upload of any EDID to the EYE-EDID-SIM-DVI, no need of additional power supply and that it is suited for DVI single link and dual link.

eyevis Gesellschaft für Projektions- und Großbildtechnik mbH

eyevis from Reutlingen in Germany is specialized in the development and production of highquality large screen systems and guarantees a continuous further development in hightech, quality and complete specific customer display solutions. Besides the rear projection units, based on the DLP(TM) Technology from Texas Instruments and controllers to manage multiprojection walls, eyevis is also developing intelligent software solutions to achieve a complete, unique and perfect large screen system. The name eyevis stands for quality, innovation, flexible and redundant systems and solutions in the field of large screen visualisation. For every application, whether control room or communications, conference or congress area, foyer, show room, information system, exhibition, convention, event or training centre, eyevis offers a solution tailored to your individual requirements with the best image quality. The product range also includes highresolution TFT LCD monitors and special solutions for simulation and virtual reality applications.

eyevis' ambitious principle has always been the permanent further development of its product range which aspires to include the most modern technologies in perfect quality. The result of this "stateoftheart" philosophy is the permanent development of products which constitute cuttingedge technology in their field of application. This makes eyevis one of very few manufacturers who are able to provide complete systems - highend quality "Made in Germany ".

Thanks to its many years of experience and technological advantage eyevis is the ideal partner for the realisation of complete and customised solutions. Continuous investments in research and development guarantee a head start in the field of large screen technology.

eyevis has a worldwide network of offices, subsidiaries and Service & Sales partners that have trained engineers for consultancy, installation and service for eyevis systems in their country or region. Today, after 12 years of experience and presence in the fields of large screen visualisation eyevis has become one of the leading producers of large screen technology. eyevis systems can be found in numerous control rooms and other applications all over the world.