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EIAA Mediascope Europe Spotlight II: Silver Sufers

(PresseBox) (Northants, ) Das aktuelle EIAA Mediascope Europe Spotlight untersucht die Online-Aktivitäten und das Nutzerverhalten der über 55-Jährigen in den digitalen Medien. Bei Interesse senden wir Ihnen gerne die Ergebnisse der deutschen Nutzer zu.

Die wichtigsten Ergebnisse:

- The percentage of people aged 55 and over using the internet each week has grown substantially by +41% since 2004 to 31% (31.9m) across the 10 countries surveyed and a quarter (24%) log on at the weekend

- These silver surfers spend 9.7 hours online each week and one in five (20%) is a heavy user spending 16+ hours online each week

- 73% of silver surfers now use a broadband connection, a growth of +59% since 2004, and 42% of these broadband users are wireless leading to major changes in the way this older generation are engaging with the internet

- Three quarters (74%) of silver surfers cannot live without at least one web activity.

- The top five most popular web activities amongst silver surfers are search (80%), email (75%), communicating via social networking sites (28%), listening to the radio (21%) and instant messaging (19%) however blogging (+63%) and watching film, TV and video clips online (+17%) have grown substantially in popularity since 2007

- Two thirds (67%) of silver surfers state that as a result of the internet they are staying in touch with friends and relatives more, 48% have booked more holidays or made travel arrangements and 42% are better able to manage their finances showing that silver surfers are deepening their experience of the internet by not only increasingly using it for leisure pursuits but to actively enhance and manage their daily lifestyles

- Regarding websites visited news (55%), travel (54%) and banking and finance (52%) are the most popular website types amongst silver surfers and the fastest growing websites amongst this demographic are family and kids (+25%) and film (+12%)

- 76% of silver surfers shop online, up 145% since 2004, buying an average of six items each in a period of six months and spending ?731 on these items

- The research also highlights the most popular products/services bought online amongst silver surfers - over half (51%) of this demographic have bought travel tickets online and books (36%), holidays (34%), concert/festival/theatre tickets (29%) and electrical goods (27%) are also popular online purchases

European Interactive Advertising Association

Die von der EIAA (European Interactive Advertising Association), dem Branchenverband pan-europäischer Online-Vermarkter und Technologiedienstleister, in Auftrag gegebene Studie "Mediascope Europe 2008" befragt jährlich Internetnutzer in ganz Europa. Mit über 9.000 befragten Nutzern, davon mehr als 1.000 in Deutschland, gehört die EIAA Mediascope Europe zu den umfassendsten Umfragen, in denen die Internetgewohnheiten von Konsumenten untersucht werden.