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Perspectives for modern logistics

Position paper on transfairlog 2012 in Hamburg / Statement from Peter Kazander, COO of EUROEXPO Messe- und Kongress-GmbH, organizer of transfairlog 2012

(PresseBox) (Hamburg, ) Under the motto "New Solutions for New Challenges" transfairlog, the International Trade Fair for Transport and Logistics Management, is for the first time offering the logistics industry in Northern Europe an all-in-one showcase and information platform for solving the future logistics challenges of all states bordering the North and Baltic Seas.

According to the Hamburg Institute of International Economics the Baltic Sea region has the potential to develop into one of the most flourishing, innovative and competitive regions in Europe. At € 725 billion per year the EU countries with direct access to the Baltic Sea are already generating approx. 30 per cent of the export revenue of the EU states.30 per cent of overall imports to all EU countries takes place via EU states bordering the Baltic Sea.147 million people, or just under a third of the population of the EU, must be supplied in this economic region.The basis for this are excellent logistics chains and efficient intralogistics.

Against this background the establishment of an international trade fair for transport and logistics management focussing on the optimisation of international goods transports and the efficient organisation of external and internal logistics workflows in the entire North and Baltic Seas region is both a logical and a challenging endeavour.

EUROEXPO GmbH, one of the most successful trade fair organisers in Germany, has accepted this challenge. transfairlog signifies the establishment of the first all-in-one logistics trade fair in Northern Germany. It has been met with great interest on the part of business, associations and government. For example, Dr. Peer Witten, the Chairman of Board of Trustees of Logistics Initiative Hamburg, states "transfairlog is a real asset for Germany as a centre of logistics"."The north of the country was lacking an international trade fair till now."

That's also the view of many companies who as exhibitors are taking advantage of the new trade fair opportunity as a communications platform for logistics in Northern Europe. Under the trade fair's motto "New Solutions for New Challenges" more than 200 renowned companies (a remarkable result for a new trade fair) will be presenting their range of products and services for coping with the current and future requirements in the supply chain of this economic region. This will be taking place over an area of just under 20,000 square metres in Halls A3 and A4 at the Hamburg trade fair site. Scientists and the development departments of solutions providers agree that supplying urban economic areas will be one of the major challenges for the logistics of the future.

This is echoed in the solutions being offered by exhibitors and the structure of the visitors expected at the trade fair.Trade fair management expects an international audience specifically looking for solutions to more efficiently and inexpensively organise logistics processes and to optimise global transport chains. As the heart of the economically strong North and Baltic Seas region, the major transit hub for Scandinavia and Eastern Europe and as one of the leading centres for Asian trade the Hanseatic City of Hamburg is the ideal location for the trade fair, in the view of both exhibitors as well as trade visitors from Germany, Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, the Baltic States and Russia. transfairlog thus provides the opportunity for a thorough comparison of the solutions being offered and will generate momentum for investments on both sides.

One of the most important prerequisites for the Baltic region to be able to assert itself in the international competition to attract business is securing its technological competitiveness and innovative power. The emphasis here is on the German intralogistics sector presenting its innovations at transfairlog. In 2011 the German mechanical engineering industry reported spending of approx. € 13 billion on the development of innovations. More than 50 per cent of companies offer new or significantly improved products each year. 70 per cent of the industry are considered innovators.

In the sector of intralogistics Germany currently ranks fourth on the list of the world's largest supplier nations. With a 20 per cent share of world trade volume, revenues of more than € 16 billion and growth of over 15 per cent, the German mechanical engineering industry is a major pillar of the current economic power of Germany and, in terms of international competition, of the economic power of Europe. More than half of all products manufactured in Germany are exported. The largest consumer region of German intralogistics products are the EU and the rest of Europe. However, accounting for the highest growth rates are the four BRIC states comprising Brazil, Russia, India and China. Bordering the Baltic Sea, Russia alone has ascended to the fourth-largest customer of German intralogistics with imports from Germany totalling € 634 million.

The transport chains of high-quality goods in particular are the growing container traffic with the Russian Baltic port of St. Petersburg as well as the expansion of RailBaltica from Helsinki to Warsaw and the extension of the Motorways of the Sea and the nine multimodal TEN axes from the states bordering the Baltic Sea to Moscow.

The major designers, service providers, component suppliers and operators of these logistics chains will be demonstrating the entire spectrum of modern strategic and operational solutions for the supply chain at transfairlog in Hamburg. With the largest seaports in Germany and Finland leading the way. Representatives from the ports of Helsinki, Turku, Bremen and Hamburg,among others, will be presenting their transhipment concepts: technologies and solutions for storage, added value services and intermodal transport chains. Other notable manufacturers and service providers of product groups and industry solutions for cargo handling and subsequent transport chains round off the services being offered in this industry segment at transfairlog. Furthermore, the international locations of the region will be presenting their competence and advantages for investors and service users as well as suppliers from the sectors of materials handling, software, fleet management and telematics, transport packaging, safety and loading equipment and last, but not least, companies from the energy and environmental technology sectors. In particular, the newest methods for resource efficiency at the individual transhipment and storage sites demonstrated by the studies and innovative solutions of several suppliers at transfairlog offer a high potential for tapping significant savings by taking a holistic view of process management, also with regard to energy aspects.

A broad knowledge base is also essential for efficient information flows and transport chains. Among other things, transfairlog's trade fair concept meets this need with a total of 16 knowledge forums. In them recognised experts and scientists will for example be discussing the special challenges for the North and Baltic Seas region and showing the current trends and tendencies in the international transport and warehouse logistics sectors. Other options for gaining greater insight into solutions are being provided by numerous company presentations in the "30M Forum" as well as a series of action spaces with live demonstrations. In addition, the 2nd German-Finnish Logistics Forum taking place on 13 June is integrated into the transfairlog information programme.

As demonstrated by the examples above transfairlog is presenting itself at its opening event as an international showcase for the warehouse and transport logistics industry in Northern Europe and as a platform for the competent, international exchange of information with the focus on complete internal and external logistics workflows. Thus, for the first time in Northern Europe it provides exhibitors and a professional audience a compact yet comprehensive overview of the spectrum of logistics solutions as well as an ideal forum for maintaining and establishing new contacts. It is a great opportunity for the industry to position itself in direct comparison to international competition.