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Intersolar Summit Middle East: Ambitious goals - Market participants discuss the solar potentials in MENA

(PresseBox) (Bonn, ) Due to high demand, the Intersolar Summit Middle East will for the first time be a two-day event. Topics for discussion will include regional market forces, requirements and opportunities for large-scale PV plants, financing models and opportunities and risks for PV production, as well as competitive business models and applications in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East.

The conditions for the use of solar energy in the Middle East are excellent: intense solar irradiation, extensive areas for the establishment of large PV power plants and an aspiring and energy-hungry economy. Saudi Arabia alone is planning new projects with a total solar capacity of 41 gigawatts until 2032. Those targets are considered to be one of the most ambitious ones in the entire sector.

Reason enough for Solar Promotion International GmbH in Pforzheim, FMMI - Freiburg Management and Marketing International GmbH - and EuPD Research to once again organise the Intersolar Summit, this time in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in October, following three successful "Market Briefing" events. The Intersolar Summit Middle East will take place on 14th and 15th October in the Riyadh International Convention and Exhibition Center.

The German organizers are especially pleased to have managed to gain Riyadh International Convention and Exhibition Center (RICEC) for the first time as a strong local partner and organizer in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. "Due to the excellent feedback and the large number of participants at the three previous events, we are planning a more extensive event for the Intersolar Summit in October in the modern RICEC conference center. Here visitors, speakers and experts will be able to discuss the economic and political framework conditions in more detail and analyse the future development potential for the emerging solar market over the two days," explains Markus Elsässer, CEO of Solar Promotion International GmbH and international organizer of the Intersolar Summit Middle East.

The Intersolar Summit will start with an overview by renowned local and international experts of the current state of the sector and economic development opportunities for the PV industry in the MENA region, with a special focus on the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Here, the experts will also present the next steps for the sustainable introduction of renewable energy in the region, opportunities for creating a local solar industry, and an analysis of the opportunities for partnerships between national and international organisations.

Technologically, the focus will be the photovoltaic industry and will - due to market forces - focus mainly on large-scale projects and PV plants. Local experts will report which special regional characteristics should be considered, complementing the practical experiences of project managers and plant operators.

Country-specific conditions also influence the financing of PV projects. In a separate session, investors and advisors will discuss which financing strategies are suitable for the MENA region and in particular for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In terms of finance, the organizers have placed special emphasis on strengthening the trust of foreign and national investors in MENA as an attractive location for solar energy. In order to achieve this goal, the investors' expectations and their readiness to assume risk with regard to the Middle East, and in particular Saudi Arabia, will be analysed and discussed. The organizers see as their role the bringing together of investors and project managers, in order to advance the financing of projects.

The Intersolar Summit Middle East in Riyadh will also benefit from an analysis of the local PV production. At the moment, many goods and products are still being imported from abroad, but it is envisaged that in future, local production will be established. The organizers are convinced that the sharing of experiences by other markets will help to accelerate the learning curve locally. Speakers will present the latest developments in the PV production process so far as reduction of costs and enhancement of efficiency are concerned.

Partners of the Intersolar Summit Middle East
The Intersolar Summit Middle East is supported by the Premium Sponsors SMA Solar Technology AG and SCHMID Group, the Gold Sponsor GT Advanced Technologies, Inc. as well as the Exhibition Partners Manz AG and Gustav Hensel GmbH & Co. KG. Knowledge Partners of the Summit in Riyadh are Apricum GmbH and PricewaterhouseCoopers AG. Local Supporters are the Delegation of German Industry & Commerce for Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Yemen (AHK Saudi Arabia) and the Middle East Solar Industry Association.

For questions about the Intersolar Summit and for more information on the events, please contact Daniel Fuchs, Senior Marketing Manager: | Tel.: +49 228 9714345. More information about the Intersolar Summits from Solar Promotion International, FMMI - Freiburg Management and Marketing International as well as EuPD Research can be found on the website

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