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„Ersa Festival of Innovations“ Thrills productronica visitors

40 Years productronica – Trade Show and Ersa Celebrate Shared Birthday

(PresseBox) (Wertheim, ) It was the anniversary edition of the productronica in Munich, still the most important trade show world-wide for the electronic manufacturing industry, which attracted approximately 38,000 visitors from almost 80 countries. System supplier Ersa has been a participant of this exhibition from the very beginning, and therefore could also celebrate “40 years productronica”. And this year’s participation turned into a veritable “festival of innovations” – with numerous innovations which map the complete Ersa range of products, from hand soldering tools right up to high-end soldering systems.

A large number of visitors from all over the world visited the 400 m² Ersa booth and where overwhelmed by the number of machines, systems and applications exhibited, many of them for the first time in the world. More than that: In, for a trade show untypical fashion, a gratifyingly large number of orders were placed directly at the show – a sure sign that the innovations displayed by Ersa were able to convince its viewers. It also is a strong indication that the business year 2015 is heading for another year of record results! For both, the hand soldering units, the “tools”, as well as for the “machines”, numerous highlights exerted a strong draw on the visitors – one of many eye-catching systems was the collaborative Ersa ROBOPLACE. The reaction of the expert visitors indicated that the idea from Ersa, viz. to automatically populate individual through-hole components, hit the nerve of the times. The ROBOPLACE marks another important and correct step in the direction of “fully automatic selective soldering”.

Equally enthusiastically received was the flagship VERSAFLOW 4: The newest generation of the high-end selective soldering systems is of particular interest for the automotive industry – and more precisely for the manufacture of batteries for hybrid vehicles. The automated soldering of these large and very heavy, weighing up to 18 kg, board assemblies, already partially mounted in aluminum housings, was up to now a huge challenge for any electronic manufacturer. With its large 508 x 508 mm working area, the VERSAFLOW 4 is destined to close this gap. And, on this top-of-the-range model, the axes of the solder bath are automatically controlled by programs.

Enthusiasm also in the stencil printing technology: Ersa surprised the industry with the brand-new VERSAPRINT 3D stencil printer with integrated 3D inspection camera. The printer combines stencil printing and 3D inspection in one system. This allows for a level of automation in stencil printing not seen before and ensures a constant and as much as possible operator-independent process quality. Quite obviously, Ersa’s developers have acted here in line with the needs of the general market: Proof for this are the firm orders placed at the show for the new model, which immensely pleased Ersa’s staff.

Nevertheless, this was not yet the end of the innovations displayed by Ersa. The HOTFLOW 3/20 VOIDLESS reflow system was shown – and, similar to what happened with the ROBOPLACE and the VERSAPRINT 3D, it seems that the electronic manufacturing industry had just been waiting for the technology shown: Inline reflow soldering that is virtually free of voids, and still with high throughput and low operating costs. Feedback for this new technology was so overwhelming, that the Ersa team will have to work down a long list of customer inquiries.

The news from the rework world was also welcomed by the visitors: From the first time shown “rework out of a box” entry level model HR 200, or the new hybrid rework platform HR 550 with program-supported component placement right up to the high-end units HR 600/2 and the VOIDLESS module, they all generated a large interest which translated directly into purchase orders. The expert visitors were equally impressed by the high-performance soldering iron i-TOOL HIGH-POWER with its tremendous 250 Watt power.

The feedback received during the four show days in Munich has shown that Ersa is on the right track with those products and technologies it displayed – the many projects and the many orders received confirm this. They are the reward for the hard work of the Ersa team. For the sales department, though, the outstanding success means a lot of work over the next 12 – 18 months. And then it is almost productronica again – so, to productronica 2017!

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Ersa GmbH

Steeped in tradition, the Kurtz Ersa Corporation is, still today, a family-owned business. Founded in 1779 as an iron hammer works, the company has since undergone extensive growth, so that today it is an internationally operating conglomerate.

The Kurtz Holding GmbH & Co. Beteiligungs KG holds all shares in the individual companies. It is responsible for the strategic orientation of the group, and it supports the operative units as a central service provider. Its range of products and services includes the business segments Electronics Production Equipment, Metal Components and Moulding Machines.

Under the Ersa trademark, the Ersa GmbH located in Wertheim, offers the complete range of production equipment for the electronic manufacturing industry. With its encompassing product range of stencil printers, soldering systems, hand soldering tools and rework systems, Ersa offers – worldwide – the most comprehensive product range available from a single source. With the trademark Kurtz, the Kurtz GmbH builds and brings to the market particle foam and foundry machines. In addition, Kurtz produces in its iron foundry castings for a wide range of customers. Finally, MBW GmbH produces sophisticated and demanding sheet metal components and assemblies.

The Kurtz Ersa Corporation presently employs approximately 1,200 employees worldwide, and has an annual turnover of €203 million in 2014. This turnover record will again be topped in a double-digit range in 2015. The corporation is active in those technical areas where the market potential is sufficiently large and where, when viewed in comparison to the other suppliers present in the segment, top performances can be realized. As a consequence, it has in many fields the technological leadership or is the world market leader.