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  • Urs Canonica
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Everything at a glance!

(PresseBox) (Büron, ) It is important for a machine operator to have his production cell under control at all times. He must be able to see status messages about work reserve, magazine loads, tool availability and priorities at a glance. The operator must be able to intervene on his own initiative in order to respond to changing situations. The EROWA EMC (EROWA Manufacturing Control) Cell Manager for milling machines satisfies, indeed exceeds, these requirements.

The cell control system for production machines with automatic workpiece pallet change supports the operator's activities. The EMC software is the overriding tool through which he monitors and controls the cell.

Everything from the setting-up of jobs to the monitoring of the tools available in the changer is displayed in an easy-to-view way. At the push of a button, the operator can see how much work reserve there is left and how long the milling cell will continue to be productive. If there is trouble, he will be alerted; information about the type of trouble will reach him by e-mail or text. The user surface is identical for all the cells, which facilitates deputizing.

EMC, a well-thought-out product for an increase in manufacturing capacity.