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Multipin Connector Series with Hermaphroditic Contact System

(PresseBox) (Tuningen, ) The well established use of hermaphroditic contacts (where male and female contacts are identical) is a tried and tested contact system which offers both low contact resistance, high current and high reliability and flexibility in manufacture, long known to engineers.

The 516 series from Edac includes a wide range of compact connectors from 20 to 120 way. Using this connector system means that mixed signals and power supplies can be combined in one connector as the gold plated cruciform contacts are both capable of carrying 8.5 amps yet have a contact resistance of only 10 milliohms max.

Cruciform ('tuning fork') contacts not only offer a gas-tight connection but also lend themselves to mass production which makes it a relatively low priced solution where a large number of pins are required.

The carriers of the 516 series are available in either Polyester, Polycarbonate or Diallyl Phthalate (allowing operating temperatures up to 150C).

A range of accessories, including plastic and metal covers for top or side entry are included in the program and the central screw and locknut system allows for secure fixing and forceless extraction.

Contacts can be ordered separately or the connector delivered complete ex works with or without wiring with solutions for wire hole, PC tail, wire wrap or crimp connection.