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First Secoder 2 Enabled Smartcard Reader with NFC Interface

(PresseBox) (Zug, ) Secure, wireless, and modern are attributes of the new and extraordinarily compact smartcard reader presented by the Swiss security expert EMPELOR GmbH. It is the outcome of a project conducted together with a partner from the German finance business. The extremely flat intelligent device is compatible with the Secoder-2-standard of the "Deutsche Kreditwirtschaft", and incorporates also an NFC as well as a Bluetooth interface, in order to make it usable together with modern mobile end user devices such as smartphones and tablets, thus providing highest possible security in combination with user-friendliness.

In the context of banking applications such as online banking, mobile banking or electronic payment, electronic signatures are used whenever it is necessary to identify beyond any doubt the author or sender of an electronic document or data set, and to guarantee the integrity of the signed electronic information. It is obvious what consequences could be expected, if a malicious third person could impersonate the owner of a banking account, which is not his own. Due to the fact that neither stationary nor mobile end user devices hosting banking applications or other security-sensitive applications can be considered secure or trustworthy under any circumstances, it is absolutely necessary to use external and tamper-proof devices, in order to secure electronic transactions.

Empelor's innovative security device complies with the requirements of the Secoder-2 Standard issued by the "Deutsche Kreditwirtschaft" for online-banking, therefore being at least a class-3 smartcard reader. Its evaluation and mass production are being prepared. The product will be available in 2013. It features a multi-purpose NFC-chip, and the additional Bluetooth interface provides the possibility for its use together with all iOS-devices (iPhone, iPad, Mac). "Our German Secoder-2-Standard for secure online banking is finally becoming mobile", says Thomas Krebs, managing director of SIZ GmbH.

"We are glad that NFC is becoming a standard for mobile end user devices, and we would like to use it for the enhancement of security and trustworthiness. Therefore, we are offering the possibility to apply electronic signatures outside and independently of those nice but dangerous mobile devices", explains Dr. Paschalis Papagrigoriou, Executive Director of EMPELOR GmbH. "Europe needs stabilizing contributions in the field of mobile security, and we are willing to provide our part with proven German security technology and legendary Swiss precision."


EMPELOR GmbH comes with longtime experience in highly security-critical ITC markets, and successfully develops products and solutions to make mobile communication devices safer and more user friendly.

With its comprehensive service offering, EMPELOR is also the right contact if you want to organize the whole spectrum of your mobile communication more efficient and make it future-proof. We show our customers the optimal way to get high benefits from their established mobile communication. We create a stable framework of improvement and protection to develop mobile communication as a tailor-made networking platform for our customers.