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EASIS GmbH: Rapid Data Recovery on SATA drives

(PresseBox) (Berlin, ) Data retrieval on newer PC´s with SATA (Serial ATA) hard drives can be very time consuming- considering their size and technology- if the user is not using a product of the latest software generation for data recovery. Data LifeSaver® 3.03 of EASIS GmbH has been optimized to give a result after an average of only 1.5 hours, when doing data recovery on a 350 GB SATA hard disk.

The software can be run on all computers with Microsoft® 32-Bit file systems, which is Windows® 2000 through VISTA®. Nevertheless, once the software is installed on one of these systems, data recovery will also be successful from hard disks written with other file systems like Windows® 98. This will also work for other rewritable storage media such as Flash and SD cards and USB sticks.

With Data LifeSaver®, EASIS has successfully developed a software that is suitable for all groups of users. Innovative algorithms for the high speed analysis of hard disks and other storage media have made it a product of the latest generation of DR software.

The software may be downloaded for free trial from the company website. When the hard disk has been analysed, folders and files will be listed with their full names. The content of files can be checked. After purchasing the registration key, the relevant data can be picked easily for data recovery. The process will be concluded and the user is able to work again with his files.

The whole range of Data LifeSaver® licenses now includes a full private user license and a limited license valid for 14 days, as well as the new technical license for commercial use. Companies interested in larger license volumes will receive an individual EASIS data recovery and support package.

EASIS Data LifeSaver® is available online at