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Wireless light control at the push of a button: dresden elektronik presents the Scene Switch

(PresseBox) (Dresden, ) It is not always enough to control a ZigBee Light Link (ZLL) wireless lighting system using an app and a mobile device such as a tablet or a smartphone. Especially in the private sector guests should only have limited access to lighting controls using their personal mobile device. Mobile light control in production halls and offices is rare.

To allow smart and easy operation of lighting even using a wall-mounted or portable switch, dresden elektronik ingenieurtechnik gmbh is putting a new product on the market. Using the new battery-powered wireless Scene Switch dresden elektronik’s customers are able to control all integrated lights. They can easily be dimmed with just one keystroke to create a perfect working atmosphere or to set the right lighting mood in private homes. It’s also possible to set and save up to four different scenes. Later these scenes can easily be modified using the web app and activated with the scene tabs. This solution makes it possible to create and apply both the perfect lighting scenes for watching television at home as well as meeting scenarios for work.

The Scene Switch is also compatible with ZigBee home automation systems such as RaspBee Gateway and Philips Hue but can also be operated without a gateway.

The uniqueness of the ZLL certified wireless switch lies not only in its wide scope but also in its special handling: the Scene Switch can be used as a wall switch and be integrated into existing switch systems or be used as a portable switch. In this way all integrated lights can be easily controlled, dimmed, or regulated in situ. The switch can also be customized using the JUNG F40 frame range.

Alongside the Scene Switch a second wireless switch is in planning. The new Lighting Switch will control separate lighting groups rather than save lighting scenarios.

With the wireless Scene Switch and the future Lighting Switch dresden elektronik is introducing an innovative product to the market which addresses a broad group of customers in both the private and corporate sectors and pushes home automation a step further.

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dresden elektronik ingenieurtechnik gmbh

With currently approximately 80 employees, dresden elektronik develops and manufactures products and customized solutions in the fields of low-power wireless communication, controllers for traffic light systems, modular display technology for public transportation management as well as measurement and testing technology.

For wireless sensor networks based on the low-power wireless standard IEEE 802.15.4 the product range extends from optimally-tuned hardware components such as radio modules and USB sticks to easy-to-use control tools for ZigBee or 6LoWPAN networks all the way to customized turn-key solutions.

For 25 years dresden elektronik has been active on the market as a competent partner for the development of complex electronic devices and volume production. From the very first idea to the finished product, we assist our customers in solving unique and ambitious tasks. Products from dresden elektronik are applied in numerous branches such as mechanical engineering and construction, stagecraft, traffic guidance technology, automotive industry, measurement and test engineering, medical engineering, semiconductor industry, precision equipment engineering and in research and development.