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Advantech-DLoG management adopts new strategic approach

Expanded leadership team continues to develop successful corporate strategy further - Advantech-DLoG sets its sights on global market leadership in intralogistics and port facilities, as well as on increasing its market share in Fleet Management

(PresseBox) (Germering, ) The management team is new, but the strategy that has made Advantech-DLoG so successful will be retained, reinforced and developed. Managers in the core areas of Finance, Technology Center and Operations, Quality, and Sales will continue to focus on defined strategies and responsibilities, with the difference being that this existing team will now act as an expanded management team, taking on the role of managing the company. The goal is to secure and develop the strengths and market advantages already acquired, pursue new long-term strategies and boost the international orientation of Advantech-DLoG.

"It is with regret that we announce the resignation of Hans-Peter Nüdling, Managing Director, for personal reasons. As a result, his former management responsibilities have been reassigned to the new management team. Mr. Nüdling drove the integration of DLoG GmbH and Advantech Group, while maintaining the success of the existing brands, and laid the foundation for future company growth - without giving up the independence of the 'German Competency Centers'", comments Howard Lin, European Director at Advantech.

Both the previous and the current management teams at Advantech-DLoG share a vision for innovation and technological leadership, the sensible expansion of the product range, and a focus on customers, their applications and long-term business partnerships.

The individual business units each make a contribution to the overall success of Advantech-DLoG:

1. Finance

The Finance department is at the heart of the corporate strategic business planning, ensuring a healthy balance between aggressive growth and company objectives. To this end, it makes counter-cyclical investments in future business successes, specifically in the areas of growth, new products, new markets, and research and development (R&D).

"My role has always been to build a healthy foundation for strong growth. The company has an outstanding financial ranking and I am fully committed to fulfilling this role in the future, too," explains Jörg Fischbach, Chief Financial Officer at Advantech-DLoG.

2. Technology Center and Operations

The importance of the strategic competence center A-DLoG, as the company is known within the Advantech Group, as an international technology center for Digital Logistics is being emphasized to a much greater degree - it is the only SBU (strategic business unit) outside the Taiwanese headquarters in Taipei. With a heightened emphasis on products that are "Made in Germany", Advantech-DLoG will continue to independently position future products and technologies within the market using a classic seal of quality.

"Digital Logistics encompasses the areas of intralogistics, port logistics, and heavy-duty applications, and requires a complex and highly available system architecture that can be used under the most adverse environmental conditions. We are dedicated to tailoring this expertise to the market; expertise that requires specialized expert members of staff in all of the company's operational units," comments Thorsten Kraus, Director of Technology Center & Operations at Advantech-DLoG.

3. Quality management

The quality management is firmly embedded in the company's strategic orientation. Wolfgang Loske, Head of Quality, responsible for ensuring high quality standards are implemented in all products and technologies, comments: "Our goal is to continually benchmark and enhance the reliability of Advantech-DLoG products. To achieve this, we will establish and secure processes in order to provide our key accounts and partners with top-quality terminals for a wide range of applications. Very close links between development and production offer a crucial advantage when it comes to the consistent and fast achievement of quality goals at a high level." Wolfgang Loske, Director Quality Control & Certification.

4. Sales and Marketing

For decades, Manfred Lachauer has led a very successful sales team which has reinforced and built on Advantech-DLoG's strong position within the EU. This is pushing forward the further success of the company. The Sales department is focused on developing an international partner network, long-term partnerships and a global sales strategy.

"We are a medium-sized company that is integrated into a global company, and yet can operate independently. Our newly organized management team will enable us to use the strengths that result from this setup even more efficiently: we are undoubtedly the market leader in Germany. In addition, we have the ability - thanks to our global organization - to independently support global businesses with our solutions, regardless of the country in which the company headquarters are based or where contacts are to be maintained.

Our stable network is crucial here, as this guarantees our global strengths and local presence via our highly trained, experienced Key Account Managers and our partners. Our corporate philosophy is that every customer is an important customer, regardless of company size or the potential project volume," comments Manfred Lachauer, Vice President Sales at Advantech-DLoG.

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