OTI Greentech AG has again been certified as a CleanTech Driver in the "Waste Management" segment

Bonn, (PresseBox) - OTI Greentech AG has today been recertified as a CleanTech Driver in the "Waste Management" segment by the Deutsches CleanTech Institut, thereby awarding OTI Greentech AG once again for its commitment as a leading company in the clean technologies sector.

Bonn. OTI Greentech AG has today been awarded "CleanTech Driver" status once again by the Deutsches CleanTech Institut (DCTI). Last year the Swiss company was the first company to carry the seal in the "Waste Management" segment. The reason for this award lies in the company's development of new products and processes for environmentally-friendly cleaning, separation and recovery of oil products especially in the maritime sector, in which OTI Greentech AG is performing pioneering work worldwide. Furthermore, the Zug-based company is also at the forefront in the remediation of land contaminated by oil. This includes the use of bioremediation by accelerating the natural degradation of harmful substances performed by microorganisms.

OTI Greentech AG's solutions are used worldwide. The recently developed EcoSolut™ products have quickly made a name for themselves for the efficient and environmentally-friendly cleaning of chemical tankers in the international shipping sector. OTI Greentech AG's clean-up solutions are also successfully used on land contaminated with oil in Russia, where over 90% of the used oil can be recovered by separation. In terms of oil pollution, the technologies are leading worldwide to more efficient and sustainable cleaning, reduce the impact of waste on the environment, improve the use of resources with higher extraction rates and recovery of the waste oil and minimise the safety risk to users.

"We are thrilled about the recertification of OTI Greentech AG, especially as it shows that the company is not resting on its past successes but is constantly working on the development of further environmentally-friendly processes," states Philipp Wolff, Managing Director of the Deutsches CleanTech Institut, commenting on the award.

"We are extremely happy about this recertification by the DCTI, which rewards the long months of research and development by our scientists and technicians of new products and processes for the efficient, cost-effective and sustainable cleaning and separation of oil and petrochemical products," comments Stephan Rind, President of OTI Greentech AG. "Following the approval of our EcoSolut™ products by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) at the start of the year, we have been able to secure a growing number of shipping companies as new users. Reduced cleaning times and lesser health and safety risks to man and the environment are key reasons for sustainably-orientated companies using our products."

About OTI Greentech AG

OTI Greentech, based in Switzerland, is a leading international company in the field of cleantech engineering, providing sustainable solutions and patented technology for the cleaning, recovery and disposal of oil in a wide range of applications. These include the cleaning of tanks, ships and industrial machinery, oil recovery from sludge, land remediation and the processing and recovery of oil from conventional and unconventional depots.

DCTI - Deutsches CleanTech Institut

The German CleanTech Institute (DCTI) is an independent, private-sector economic research institute, specialized in the national and international research of “clean technologies”. Our central responsibilities are the observation, analysis and evaluation of macroeconomic and industry-specific developments and relationships. On the basis of these scientific insights, the DCTI deducts workable concepts and develops targeted advice and information solutions.

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