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PARIS AG and Botanic announce strategic partnership

(PresseBox) (Berlin (Germany) and California (US), ) The PARIS Innovation Lab is pleased to welcome Botanic as another partner in its network of technology providers. Botanic, one of the leading vendors of smart chat bots, suits perfectly to the innovation landscape of PARIS’ lab. Together they will drive significant steps towards interaction between humanity and technology.

PARIS AG, a leading provider in process optimization solutions and Botanic, an ISV for personalized chat bots, just announced a strategic partnership as part of the PARIS Innovation Lab. Their common business lies in providing cognitive solutions for knowledge transfer and instant user support, which opens many possibilities for both companies. Within this partnership, both companies will be developing new approaches to B2B and B2C just-in-time user support that will base on artificial intelligence.

The central point of Botanic is inside the chat bots personality. In contrast to other chat bot vendors they focus on their customer’s DNA and culture. Botanic’s customers don’t only want a bot that answers questions of a user, but that reflects the companies’ personality. That means the bot becomes the companies’ representative, assisting in the purchasing, support and education of an organization’s employees and customers.

PARIS develops technologies for digitized knowledge transfer to support process guidance and optimization, as well as automation, documentation and education. Especially context-sensitive performance support is one the key strengths of PARIS.

Together the two companies plan to go new ways of creating context-related support across multiple devices incl. wearables, and across several key industries, such as banking, manufacturing, professional services, and other verticals globally.

„Because of the unique personality of each bot we create a high-quality user experience. This makes us unique in the markets we serve “, says Paul Smith, COO at Botanic. “Another benefit is our focus on business problems. We really know the problems of our customers and our bots can learn, guide clients through the buying or support processes that can be costly and often don’t meet changing business needs. We are pleased to join PARIS in providing our products and services to the US and European markets.”

„As our first Innovation Lab partner from the United States, Botanic will gain access to key business case problems from European companies, get insights into different local processes and toolsets, and join us in creating innovative solutions that will rely on machine-learning technologies combined with top knowledge transfer methods.”, comments Sebastian Grodzietzki, Chief Growth Officer of PARIS AG, responsible for the product vision of the company, marketing and the PARIS Innovation Lab. „Also for us it will be very helpful to find out more about the customers wishes and interests concerning a bot that conveys a company’s culture and personality.”, he adds.

Botanic Technologies

We design and build products that are capable of understanding and responding to human dialogue. We do this by crafting conversational personalities who act as an interface. The spaces in which these personalities live include everywhere from Mobile to Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality.

The development of these personalities is powered by our Patented Toolkits which address all phases of our implementations from design templates and personality matrices to the delivery of the personalities and experiences to users. Botanic Technologies is in the technology hubs of Silicon Valley, CA, Denver, Colorado and Buenos Aires, Brazil

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PARIS AG - Process Automation Robotics Intelligence Systems - provides leading technologies for digitized process navigation and optimization, as well as automation, documentation and e-learning. Solutions from PARIS AG, and their corporate division datango, support organizations through context-related process guidance, targeted qualification of employees during rapid rollouts, and smooth operation of enterprise applications. The solutions provide a navigation aid inside live systems, and facilitate the automatic generation and translation of process documentation, training manuals, software simulations, and real-world e-learning environments. As a result, PARIS helps reduce input errors, and support costs and thus increases user acceptance of business applications in companies across various industries and sizes. Functionalities as featured in the "datango performance suite" are an integral component of business applications in many companies all around the world.