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The new Generation of Backwash Filters for solid / liquid systems

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- Dango & Dienenthal Filtertechnik GmbH is going to present the new Backwash Drum Filter Type RTF at the ACHEMA 2009 in Frankfurt, Germany.

The technical planning and realization was not easy for the engineers. It was imperative to maintain the excellent backwash performance of the Filterautomat Type DDF, which has been successful for decades. At the same time the revised construction had to be realized at a lower price and for a diversity of materials (e.g. steel, stainless steel or glass-fibre reinforced plastic). The answer to all these tasks is the new Backwash Drum Filter Type RTF.

Similar to the Filterautomat DDF, the highlight of the RTF is its high backwash speed of up to 10 m/s and the cleaning of the complete filter area to one hundred per cent. Therefore the RTF without difficulties even copes with crucial solids like for example algae and other organic or inorganic solids.

In the modified basic model of the Filterautomat DDF the filtration through the filter element takes place from the outside to the inside. In contrast to this, it is the other way round in the new Filter Type RTF.

When a certain defined differential pressure limit is exceeded, the filter element is discontinuously cleaned off the dirt accumulated inside. The cleaning is realized by flushing shoes, which are led across the total surface of the filter element. This design ensures that the filter does not stop filtration even when the automatic cleaning phase is in progress.

The filter elements used in the filter are produced from slotted sieves, perforated sheets and wire-cloth screens of stainless steel in different qualities with filter fineness from 5 µm to 5 mm. Cleaning the filter element is effected by self medium, which the filter filtrates at the same time. Feed of external medium for cleaning the filter is not necessary.

The new Backwash Drum Filter Type RTF with a high standard of performance and quality is applicable for flow rates from 5 m³/h to 3000 m³/h. It features reliable and guaranteed filtration of solids during an interference-free operation.

If you are interested in the new generation of backwash filters, Dango & Dienenthal Filtertechnik GmbH invites you to visit the ACHEMA 2009 in Frankfurt, Germany (11. - 15.05.2009, hall 5.0, booth E17-E18).