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Suspension Hose from ContiTech Curbs Noise Buildup

Textile reinforcement combines generous volume increase and higher resistance to pressure

(PresseBox) (Hannover, ) With the MUTEX textilereinforced suspension hose, ContiTech Fluid Technology has developed a hose with a volume increase capacity great enough to absorb the pressure peaks induced by the oil pump - and thus have a damping effect. The hose renders superfluous the use of additional acoustic measures like a muffler.

ContiTech has succeeded in combining a relatively large volume increase and a resistance to the operational pressures of more than 200 bar (approx. 2901 psi at 0 ft above sea level) occurring in active suspension systems. The special construction of the textile reinforcement made this possible. What's more, textile braid is much more effective than steel braid in reducing hose transmission of structureborne noise.

Elimination of the muffler also greatly reduces production costs for the hose line linking the oil pump and the manifold block. Also effective in lowering costs is a shorter hose length than in the previous system. No muffler, no metal, less hose - all of this results in a much lighterweight component to boot. This, in turn, acts to reduce fuel consumption and emissions. And so MUTEX can be said to make a hefty contribution to environmental protection and to mobility that is both performanceminded and sustainable.