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Extended Web Services with the New WSDL Module in CONTENTSERV 5.3

With the release of version 5.3, CONTENTSERV GmbH, the provider of web-based Enterprise Marketing Management software solutions, has introduced a comprehensive solution for the simple connection of web services

(PresseBox) (Rohrbach, ) New WSDL Module for Application in the Enterprise Environment

In the CONTENTSERV version 5.3, a completely new module has been developed which enables the creation of standardized and W3C-compatible web services, including WSDL (Web Service Description Language) files to describe them. Along with additional features, which are specially intended for application in large software architectures in the enterprise environment, CONTENTSERV now integrates itself optimally in homogeneous and inhomogeneous service-oriented IT environments (SOA) and provides support for web-based business processes beyond company boundaries.

Web Services as Plugins

Based on the proven CONTENTSERV plugin architecture, the module has been developed in such a way that new web services can be implemented simply by means of web-service plugins. While the framework takes care of the generation of the WSDL files, authentication, logging and the management of web services, the web-service developer can concentrate on his or her proper job. This now only involves the processing of parameters from incoming requests and delivering the corresponding responses.

Central Administration via the System Settings

All web services can be managed centrally via the system settings. For example, service participants can be cleared according to their respective IP addresses or authenticate themselves via the SOAP header by means of various processes. It is further possible to assign temporary application tickets, which permit use for a limited time only. In the system settings the log behavior can be configured and the log entries can be viewed.

Media Asset Management Web Service as Reference Implementation

With the WSDL module, it is now possible to implement web services. In time for the CONTENTSERV service release 5.31 in June 2010, an initial reference implementation will be made available with the web service of the CS MAM-Suite, the CONTENTSERV Media Asset Management solution. The module is already being used productively in several pilot projects. With the MAM web service all essential MAM-API functions not only can be accessed locally but also from remote systems. It is also possible via the web service to add files to MAM, download, and convert image material, as well as process the respective added metadata.

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