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CTBC01-IP- The ruggedized Bluetooth Low-Energy Beacon

(PresseBox) (München, ) The CTBC01-IP is a Bluetooth Low-Energy beacon with extreme life-time for deployment in hostile environment. The CTBC01-IP periodically advertises iBeacon frames that are compatible with common beacon standards (UUID, Major ID, and Minor ID). Additionally the following beacon frame formats are simultaneously supported: Eddystone™, Altbeacon, EMbeacon.
The CTBC01-IP is based on the market proven design of the EM-Microelectronic EMBC family of beacons. The CTBC01-IP comes in a small, weatherproof enclosure with IP67 protection level.
Activation or selection of the operation mode (depending on parametrization) can be done via an internal push button with LED-feedback. Alternatively the CTBC01-IP can also be activated through the already closed housing using a special magnetic activator.
In the standard configuration the beacon supports different modes which can be cycled using the button:
  • Sleep Mode with over 15 years of shelf life typical
  • ID Short Range Mode: 100ms beacon interval, 15m range (LoS), 1.5 years of battery life typical
  • ID Medium Range Mode: 500ms beacon interval, 30m range, 6.5 years of battery life typical
  • ID Long Range Mode: 1000ms beacon interval, 75m range, >10 years of battery life typical
  • Any mode can be locked for final deployment
The CTBC01-IP can be delivered in any quantity with guaranteed unique specifiers. The unique serial number is printed on the label and can be encoded in an optional QR code for optical scanning.
The CTBC01-IP firmware can be customized by CompoTEK as a service. A development kit is also available for customers who want to develop their own firmware or to customize parameters by themselves. The CTBC01-IP is CE certified, RoHS, Reach, and halogen free compliant.

Weatherproof Enclosure
  • P-67 rating, -20C to +60C operating range
  • Size: 65x65x40mm, Weight: 103-150g
  • Internal push-button with LED indicators
  • Activation through closed housing
Long Life Battery
  • up to 20 years (depending on parameters)
  • Replaceable Batteries
  • Flexible Battery Configuration Options
Available Beacon Frame Formats
  • iBeacon (ID) packet (UUID, Major, Minor)
  • Eddystone™
  • AltBeacon
  • EMbeacon
Customer Experience Enhancement
  • Stores, Malls, Airports
  • Museums, Theme Parks, Sports Arenas
  • Conferences, Exhibits, Festivals
Proximity, Electronic Leash Applications
Push Notifications, Alerts
Passive data collection
Battery, sensor, push-button monitoring (specific firmware)
  • 1-120m Line of Sight (LoS)Proven System Basis
Unique Identification by factory default
  • UUID: 699EBC80-E1F3-11E3-9A0F-0CF3EE3BC012
  • Unique Major and Minor IDs (serialized)
  • Unique Serial Numbers
Special Beacon Frame Options
  • Period 30ms to 26min
  • Dynamic period adaptation
  • Rolling IDs or UUIDs
Customer specific firmware adaptation
  • Proprietary Beacon frame formats
  • Pre-processing of sensor information
  • User-specific algorithms (e.g. Data logger)

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