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Risk Factor Sudden Cardiac Death in Top Athletes

Early diagnosis can be improved with innovative noninvasive Task Force® Monitor measurement for cardiovascular assessment by CNSystems

(PresseBox) (Graz, ) Only a few weeks after the tragic death of the young soccer talent Piermario Morosini in the course of a second-league match in Italy two weeks ago, the Norwegian swimmer Alexander Dale Oen died from an unrecognized heart disease.

Sports fans, trainers and athletes from around the world just keep asking, ”How come that a well-trained young athlete suddenly drops down dead without any prior indications for a disease?“. Unfortunately, this is not at all a single case.
One would never expect that the heart of a fit young man suddenly stops beating, especially if regular health checks do not show any diagnostic findings or abnormalities in the cardiovascular system.

Might it be that these regular check-ups performed with standard equipment are simply not enough and still leave gaps for undetected relations in the cardiovascular system?

Since having installed the first devices at NASA in Houston/USA in 1999 CNSystems has been working on noninvasive cardiovascular measuring methods. Especially the topic “undetermined loss of consciousness – fainting – Syncope“ – with Sudden Cardiac Death in its most tragic occurrence – is one of the company’s core areas. The „Task Force® Monitor“ visualizes the complex interaction of the many different mechanisms in the cardiovascular regulation of the human body. So an early detection of symptoms for the assessment of sudden fainting is easily possible. The method is market-leading – not least because of the cooperation with renowned scientists and syncope centers.

The standard method for cardiac check-ups of athletes is the 12-channel ECG measurement. The results of the „Task Force® Monitor“ - method complements the diagnostic outcome and significantly increases the accuracy of the prognosis. The measurement of the most important cardiovascular parameters with this device shows dysfunctions in the cardiovascular system or its regulation through the autonomic nervous system. Parameters such as blood pressure, stroke volume and total peripheral resistance are recorded beat-to-beat, which makes a detection of possible risks at physical stress and treatment at an early stage possible. The method is so simple and pain-free that it can easily be implemented into the regular check-up of every athlete.

Also a lot of customers in the fitness and preventive check-up area rely on the CNSystems technology in their daily routine. There are already scientific studies which show how to use the results of the Task Force® Monitor for the evaluation of the athletes’ physical condition.

The technology complements current methods and can make an important contribution to efficient prevention check-ups. The company’s target is to establish a specific prevention program for athletes in co-operation with partners from the professional sports field by making use of their many years of experience in the clinical application of the CNSystems devices.

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