Compact 300 W high-voltage supply module with 24 V(DC) input voltage for X-Ray systems

REMO-HSE exhibits at „electronica 2010“ – Stand A2.239

Rattiszell, (PresseBox) - REMO-HSE presents an innovative high-voltage supply module for X-Ray systems, providing up to 50 kV at a maximum output current of 6 mA. Despite the comparably high output power of 300 W, the unit only measures 180 mm x 160 mm x 350 mm (b, h, d). Features like the 24 V(DC) input, heating current for the filament and a 0…10 V interface provide for an easy integration of the new high-voltage supply module into X-Ray systems.

The high-voltage supply module MXR-S300N50-6m-DC24-FFD from REMO-HSE is powered from a 24 V (DC) supply and provides up to 50 kV at a maximum output current of 6 mA with an efficiency of some 87%. Additionally, the module provides a DC-supply for heating, floating on the high-voltage potential. This 5 V (DC) output provides a maximum of 3.7 A and thus a maximum electric heating power of 18.5 W. The heating current, regulated by an internal cathode circuit, is either limited by the set cathode current and/or the set heating current.

As options, an AC supply floating on the high-voltage potential can be provided for the filament, as well as (with positive high-voltage) AC or DC supply voltages against ground. The internal regulation circuit for the cathode current allows for presetting the cathode current according to customer demands. Advantage: The heating current is automatically kept at the set value or the regulation of the cathode current is automatically provided by setting the heating current.

In accordance with today’s strict demands, the module is extremely stable and only has a small output ripple of less than 50 V (peak-to-peak). The fluctuation of the output voltage due to a load change from zero to full load remains below 60 V (statically) or below 3 kV with a response time of less than 200 ms (dynamically). When the load changes from 10% to 100% nominal load, or if the input voltage changes by 1 V DC, then the output current fluctuation stays below ±4 µA. After a warming-up time of 30 minutes, the module’s temperature drift over the subsequent eight hours is below 0,2 % of its nominal values.

All important parameters, like output voltage, output current, heating voltage and heating current may be set and monitored using the built-in 0…10 V analogue interface. Effective, reliable and self-acting safety cut offs protect the module against overvoltage, over-current, short-circuit and over-temperature. Furthermore, the unit provides status information in case of overvoltage, over-current and over-temperature. The stable aluminium housing complies with protection class IP20.

Further information can be obtained from the Internet:

Cluster Mikrosystemtechnik

Since its formation over 27 years ago, REMO-HSE Hochspannungselektronik GmbH has been actively working in all application fields of high-voltage equipment except power engineering. The company specialises in putting comprehensive projects into a marketable reality – from the first ideas to a product, ready for serial production. As there are never two identical applications, the medium-sized company has been specializing in customer-specific developments ever since. REMO-HSE is based in Rattiszell near the roman-founded city of Straubing on the Danube in Central Bavaria.
The bandwidth of applications of the company’s developments stretches from industrial facilities for electrostatic surface coating, across electrostatic filters for clean rooms and ionisation of gases for medical purposes to X-ray and particle-beam technologies, to delay lines for radar.
However, REMO-HSE does not only supply high-voltage supply units, but also the related instrumentation, components like high-voltage capacitors or cables as well as sensors for measuring the thermal flow.

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