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Deeper Insight into the Cutting Process of CFRP – Provided by Machining Specific FEM Software Solution

Dr. Kay Marschalkowski, ISBE GmbH, will present his lecture under this topic at the 6th CFK-Valley Stade Convention, 12-13 June in Stade

(PresseBox) (Stade, ) An abstract of Dr. Marschalkowski’s lectrure:
On the upcoming CFK Convention in Stade in June, ISBE (Stuttgart, Germany) will be presenting novel simulation techniques for the Finite Element Analysis of machining processes.

Since 1997, ISBE is offering software solutions for cutting tool design & 3D surface modeling, tool grinding and other specific services, enabling tool
manufactures to enhance their capabilities for the design and production of innovative products in the area of cutting tool manufacture.

As a cooperative partner of Third Wave Systems (USA), ISBE is also offering software for the FiniteElement (FE) simulation of cutting processes. This product, called AdvantEdge FEM, enables the evaluation of cutting processes, including the design of cutting tools, incorporating tool and workpiece materials, process parameters and other features as well. The prediction of mechanical and thermal load profiles and stresses, chip formation (incl. chip flow and chip shape) delivers essential information about the cutting process on a highly sophisticated level and provides deeper insight and understanding, much more effective than trial-and-error testing at the machine.

On the first day of the CFK Convention (12th June), Dr. Kay Marschalkowski, Head of Tool Engineering Center at ISBE will be presenting in his lecture the latest developments in simulation of machining of CFRP.

As the simulation of metal cutting processes is well understood and mastered, research and development for the simulation of composite machining is a current challenge dealt with to enhance the capabilities of AdvantEdge FEM. Since the application of carbon fiber materials is growing in the field of aerospace, automotive and wind energy, optimization of the machining of such materials has major impact on profitability. Regarding the improvement of productivity and part quality, FE cutting simulation can provide the basis for innovation and validation of optimum tool design and choice of process parameters by prediction of tool performance, expected wear and workpiece quality. Proactive simulation is offering a systematic approach for the development of machining strategies to address delamination, fiber pullout and the like before expensive and time consuming tests have to be made.

The complete presentation will be given on Tuesday, 12th June at 05:20 pm. The program as well as information about the speaker is online available:

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