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New markets for Drupal agencies

ERPAL partner program kicks off with Lemberg Solutions

(PresseBox) (Darmstadt, ) Over the past year, ERPAL Platform has caused a stir within the Drupal community. With its flexible, open source building-block system, Drupal makes it fast and efficient to map out complex business management processes in web-based applications. Now, Bright Solutions has opened up an especially attractive opportunity for specialized Drupal agencies: participation in a new partner program allows members to profit from joint sales and marketing activities, dedicated training and service offerings, and extensive support services. It was this added value that immediately motivated the international mobile and web development company, Lemberg Solutions, to become the first to be certified by Bright Solutions and accepted into its worldwide partner program.

ERPAL platform makes it possible to depict an enterprise's entire sales cycle - all the way through to invoicing - in a comprehensive web application: customer contacts can be administered; offers, orders and invoices generated; and the progress of projects monitored. Bright Solutions relies primarily on standard Drupal modules and the straightforward integration of existing third-party solutions. Ros Bulych, Managing Director of Lemberg Solutions, sees enormous potential in this approach: "ERPAL Platform has opened up entirely new horizons for us in terms of developing business applications using the Drupal framework. Even very complex organizational processes can be efficiently depicted and optimized."

In order to be accepted into the ERPAL partner program, agencies must fulfill certain criteria: candidates will be familiar with the basics of Drupal Commerce and the Drupal distribution, 'ERPAL Platform', and they must have completed at least one project in cooperation with Bright Solutions. Furthermore, it is expected that the company show professional expertise in Drupal development, as well as active engagement in the Drupal community.

Manuel Pistner, Managing Director of Bright Solutions, explains: "As an experienced Drupal agency with compelling references, Lemberg Solutions meets all the requirements of our partner program. Together, we will tap the full potential of Drupal and ERPAL to offer our end customers flexible enterprise solutions."

Even before its official start, the partner program had already caught the interest of numerous agencies wanting to join. Bright Solutions' goal is to continually build out its worldwide network of certified partners, of course focusing on quality and verifiable know-how in the selection thereof. Together with its partners, the company seeks to open up the market for Drupal-based enterprise applications, to further develop ERPAL Platform and to exploit Drupal 8.

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Bright Solutions GmbH

Bright Solutions develops innovative web applications with Drupal and mobile apps for boosting the efficiency of business processes. The complete service comprises consultation, conception, implementation and maintenance of individual software projects. Standardized development processes and the adherence to open source principles provide high quality, transparency and independence from providers.

Bright Solutions GmbH is one of the largest Drupal enterprises in Germany. Founded in 2007 by Managing Director Manuel Pistner, the company is headquartered in Darmstadt.

Lemberg Solutions:

Lemberg is a mobile and web development company with solid client base in the UK, Europe, and the USA. It has proudly provided technology solutions for marketing and design agencies, start-ups, and innovative businesses since 2007. Throughout these years, Lemberg has gained proven experience in travel and hospitality, healthcare, enterprise mobility, communication and social networking. Learn more at

ERPAL Platform:

Bright Solutions has developed ERPAL Platform as a modular system for enterprise applications based on the open source Drupal framework. The solution facilitates the development and adaptation of enterprise software to meet individual customer needs. ERPAL Platform maps out the entire sales process, from first customer contacts in a CRM component; to offers, bookings, projects, invoices and fulfillment; through to options for the controlling of orders and delivery. Existing third-party solutions can be easily integrated via Drupal. The use of standard Drupal modules such as Commerce, ERPAL Core and Rules in the ERPAL Platform distribution ensures Drupal agencies full flexibility to reproduce - primarily through configuration - their customers' unique requirements. For more information, see