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CeBIT 2013: Mobile Business Solutions revolutionize revenue growth and business development of network operators as Value Added Services

BPS International joins largest trends of Mobile Business Solutions, Cloud Solutions und Location Based Services to high performance B2B Mobile Value Added Services for MNOs & MVNOs

(PresseBox) (Munich, ) B2B Value Added Services become an important profit and image sector for mobile network operators, MNOs & MVNOs.

Since smartphones, tablets and mobile apps established as communication and IT standards in enterprises, the strategic aims of network operators are to fulfill the new needs of B2B clients for mobile business solutions to keep business communication and collaboration efficient.

MNOs / MVNOs also seek for methods to compensate the decreasing trends in the sms and voice sector and to increase the ARPU with B2B Value Added Services.

For Mobile Value Added Services (MVAS), BPS Technology brings an extended competence:

- BPS Technology is developer and provider of 'Mobile Business Solutions' / 'Enterprise Mobile Solutions' based on mobile apps, smartphones / tablets and cloud solutions with focus on communication and work efficiency,
- BPS Technology is equipped with 10 years experiences as partner, consultant and OEM for network operators like MEGAFON, SWISSCOM, TELEKOM and MTS GSM.

The team behind BPS Technology runs successful 'Mobile Business Solutions' based on mobile apps and clouds as Value Added Service (VAS & MVAS) for network operators in Europe. The largest VAS of this kind joins 4,480 companies and 317,000 employee's mobile devices (by november 2012, subscribers in non-cancelled commercial mode counted only). Largest ever growth was measured in 2012 with 41% of subscriber database.

MOBILE TEAM is the latest 'Mobile Business Solutions' offered as VAS / MVAS to network operators. MOBILE TEAM as VAS is made out of the MNO strategy to join the 5 strongest trends to an essential B2B Mobile Value Added Service, suitable for a large number and wide-spread business variety of SMEs and corporates:

- business mobile apps turn consumer devices into powerful B2B work tools,
- cloud solutions as ready-to-run business software for SMEs,
- B2B mobile device networks become the new efficient IT standard in SMEs and corporates
- smartphones and tablets as new, flexible and cost-efficient hardware standard in companies also require modern tariffs,
- 'Location Based Services' (LBS) bring new level to B2B communication and work efficiency.

At Cebit 2013 mobile business solutions park, BPS Technology explains the benefits of MOBILE TEAM as VAS / MVAS for network operators. An increased B2B-sector ARPU, accelerated sales of modern communication hardware like smartphones and tablets due to business-adequate device usability, an increasing sales volume and faster upgrade to modern data tariffs by providing a connected communication with much higher efficiency for enterprise clients and the creation of special bundles are some of the roles that MOBILE TEAM is proven to play.

MOBILE TEAM as Mobile Value Added Service (MVAS) for Swisscom SME clients:

MTS COORDINATOR as OEM Value Added Service for MTS GSM:

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