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BMZ Central Service Offers Battery Recycling

Battery Service

(PresseBox) (Karlstein, ) The BMZ Group offers a unique return and recycling service for lithium ion batteries in any EU member state. “For customers of the BMZ Group worldwide, the advantage is that they can receive all of the services their business needs from a single source,” explains Sven Bauer, CEO & Founder of the BMZ Group in Karlstein a.M. From development to construction, hardware and software, cell sourcing and battery returns, the customer can obtain all services throughout the entire supply chain from BMZ. “In our after sales service, BMZ offers long warranty periods, long replacement part availability, loaner batteries, and battery recycling. The BMZ Central Service offers customers access to battery disposal and recycling experts by telephone and by mail,” Bauer explains.

Raw Materials Recycling

BMZ GmbH has been working with the European Recycling Platform for many years to secure valuable materials for the future. Each battery has a limited life span, which means they become unusable after a certain time period and must be disposed of. Most types of batteries contain poisonous heavy metals such as nickel, cadmium, or mercury. All of these heavy metals can be reclaimed and reused. Recycling means saving valuable raw materials and energy, saving limited space, securing a healthy environment and a better quality of living, and reducing health hazards for ourselves and for future generations.

For battery returns, contact the BMZ Central Service by telephone at 06188/9956-9833 or by e-mail at

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BMZ Batterien-Montage-Zentrum GmbH

BMZ GmbH develops and produces high-tech battery systems for automotive, E-mobility, storage, medical, and industrial applications as well as power and garden tools that are installed worldwide in a broad variety of products by major brands. BMZ has more than 20 years of experience, over 2,000 customers, and handles around 250 new projects each year. Around 2,300 employees work for the BMZ Group across the globe. The BMZ Group is projected to generate roughly 500 million USD in sales in 2017.