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Industry 4.0 in SMEs – Measurement technology turns into a must have

Efficiency increase thanks to predictive maintenance with solutions by BMC Messsysteme GmbH

(PresseBox) (Maisach/Munich/Germany, ) The expression Industry 4.0 – comparable to the IoT (Internet of Things), describes the fourth industrial revolution. It started with the mechanization and now we are in the transition phase of electronics & computer heading towards manufacturing & IT. It’s now all about communication, measurability, controlling and integration.

Measurement- and sensor-technology are playing a fundamental role in this stage. In order to keep high quality standards in the long run, as well as being able to fulfill the demanding client requests for personalizing and communication, it is essential to make and keep processes transparent and measurable.

Miss the boat and you are kicked off the race.

Suppliers need to be involved in the production processes more and more, to be able to guarantee seamless workmanship and need-based production. The prediction of disturbances, failures and material wear of machinery becomes more and more essential. The measurement specialist BMC Messsysteme GmbH offers solutions for every type of trade and size of company. With bmcm you gain a partner for custom made measurement technology for complete integration of all sorts of applications, as well as standardized products. No matter what the need, software and hardware by bmcm always are in perfect sync.

Industry 4.0 matters to every company.

Predictive maintenance and tracking (what happens where at which point of time) are a pragmatic first step into the topic. The Software NextView®4 ( by bmcm offers multiple functions, like long term measurement, multiscan, filetrain (=analysis of vast amounts of data far beyond file limits), interference monitoring, prehistory and trigger. Therefore it is very easy to measure, optimize and control whatever happens or will happen in production. The software is intuitive and extremely simple to use.

With these tools on hand there are no excuses for SEMs to start rethinking their structures. Every company needs to find their own individual way to enter the digitalization of processes. offers plenty of solution approaches, examples for applications and preconfigured measurement chains to help enterprises to get started. A team of specialists is ready to give advice and is happy to help with the entering into the world of measurement technology.

If you don’t start rethinking today, you might be dropping out of the supply chain tomorrow, not be able to produce efficiently enough and not be competitive the day after tomorrow.

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BMC Messsysteme GmbH (bmcm)

The team of BMC Messsysteme GmbH has been developing hardware and software in the field of physical measurement and test engineering for more than 20 years. As manufacturer, the company BMC Messsysteme GmbH sets a great value on the quality of its products, simply "made in Germany", and develops, produces, and distributes the products directly from its business location in the Munich area.

Measurement technology by bmcm is available worldwide and universally applicable. No matter if in vehicles, at test stands, or when monitoring machines and plants: The measuring systems are quickly installed, intuitive to operate, powerful, reliable, and low-priced after all.