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BioID joins IT security association TeleTrusT Germany

Working with top security companies to promote multimodal biometric technology

(PresseBox) (Nürnberg, ) BioID GmbH, a leading provider of multimodal biometric authentication for IT, web, and mobile applications, today announced that it is joining TeleTrusT, a German IT security association with a powerful network and a strong political voice in IT security and related issues.

"TeleTrusT welcomes BioID's membership," said Dr. Holger Muehlbauer, Managing Director of TeleTrusT. "Biometrics is one of our key focus areas, and we are pleased that BioID will participate in our efforts to promote biometrics as a proven technology for protecting digital identities, electronic transactions and other confidential information."

TeleTrusT's widereaching, powerful network brings together the best minds and top companies from the IT security world. They also have considerable influence on political decisions in Germany relating to IT security, egovernment, ehealth, security and privacy issues. For instance, they were instrumental in promoting the German Digital Signature law many years ago. The organization includes an active biometrics expert group, which has worked to promote the use of biometrics, to map the landscape of the German biometrics industry, and to define best practices for secure, reliable biometric recognition technology that complies with legal regulations and is acceptable to potential users.

"TeleTrusT's members include some of the top names in IT security, and we are pleased to join this network of excellence in IT security," said Ho Chang, CEO of BioID GmbH. "With our extensive background in reliable and userfriendly multimodal biometric recognition, we look forward to our participation in promoting the widespread use of biometric technology in government, corporate and consumer applications."

About TeleTrusT

The IT security association TeleTrusT Germany e.V. was founded in 1989 to provide a reliable framework for the trustworthy deployment of information and communication technology. TeleTrusT today is a world-renowned network of competence for IT security. TeleTrusT currently represents approximately 100 members from industry, science and research, and public institutions. Our members discuss current topics of IT security and safety management and exchange their knowledge in project groups. TeleTrusT comments on political and legal issues, organizes events and participations in trade fairs and is the supporting organization of the "European Bridge CA" (the provision of public-key certificates for secure e-mail communications) and the certificate "TeleTrusT Information Security Professional” (T.I.S.P.). The association is headquartered in Berlin, Germany. For more information please see

BioID GmbH

BioID is a leading developer of multimodal biometric authentication solutions to protect IT and internet applications from identity theft. With the increasing use of the internet as well as mobile IT and communication services, people have a growing number of internet accounts and digital identities, which are typically protected only by a password or the combination of a token (card, key, USB stick, etc.) and a password. In contrast, BioID does not protect digital identities with insecure passwords and tokens, but rather with an indisputable link to the biometric traits of the user. Because biometric traits cannot be stolen or shared, biometric authentication is the only method known today that can verify the physical presence of a user.

BioID's authentication software recognizes a person reliably by their face, iris and voice, and thus hinders the unauthorized use of digital identities. At the same time, BioID enjoys high user acceptance because BioID users no longer have to remember passwords. BioID's authentication solutions have been proven through many years of use at enterprises, banks and government organizations, and can be integrated flexibly into existing IT and communication environments.

Privately held, BioID's development facilities are located in Nuremberg, Germany. For more information, please see