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Automated test of ECU functions and AUTOSAR Software with MESSINA 2.7

Berner & Mattner introduces CTE XL integration in its test system MESSINA

(PresseBox) (Munich, ) As an expert for modelbased development and the test of ECU functions, Berner & Mattner Systemtechnik GmbH improves the AUTOSAR support of its test system MESSINA. The new MESSINA version 2.7 provides an AUTOSAR Composition Wizard that imports spread and multiple AUTOSAR XML files and software components (SWCs) and can be used to configure the signal pool. This automated adjustment of the test environment increases efficiency and reduces the errorproneness when developing electronic ECU functions. The new MESSINA Client Interface (MCLI) is especially interesting for complex test environments since it serves as interface for test automation. You can run MESSINA 2.7 using scripts to start e.g. test series from batch files. Test case parameters created with the CTE XL (Classification Tree Editor) can also be imported/exported automatically. Users benefit as well from the more comfortable GUI, the optimization of the MATLAB/Simulink integration and the new single step mode when executing models and tests. You can develop, test and virtually integrate ECU functions from SiL to HiL directly on a Windows machine in realtime without having to use additional hardware.

The latest release of the MESSINA test system of Berner & Mattner Systemtechnik GmbH improves the efficiency and reliability of ECU function development at the automotive OEM and Tier1s. It offers consistency from the early development and test stadium to modelbased function integration to realtime SiL testing and HiL testing.

AUTOSAR Composition Wizard automates the import and test execution

Using the new AUTOSAR Composition Wizard it is possible to read spread and multiple AUTOSAR XML files with MESSINA 2.7. Taking the composition from the AUTOSAR description, a runnable MESSINA configuration can be automatically generated for tests.

The import function for MATLAB/Simulink and ASCET models has also been improved. A special single step mode permits to follow precisely and analyze the model and test execution.

New and improved ease of use - including remote control

MESSINA 2.7 provides its users with a new and optimized user interface. The enhanced drag and drop and copy functions offer clearly more comfort. Attributes for displaying time y(t) and other displays can easily be adjusted; different views of the configuration can be synchronized. Specific windows offer a new and improved overview for parameters. A new feature of MESSINA 2.7 is the MESSINA Client Interface (MCLI). The interface allows to remote control the test system via scripts. Thus it can easily be integrated into existing test infrastructures and be started via a batch file.

Classification Tree Editor CTE XL for automated test campaigns

By using the integrated CTE XL (Classification Tree Editor), test cases can be systematically parameterized and test coverage can thus be improved. The test case parameters created with the CTE XL can be imported/exported to MESSINA.

Berner & Mattner Systemtechnik GmbH

Berner and Mattner Systemtechnik GmbH is specialized in custommade solutions für the specification, development and testing of complex electronic systems. Its competance spectrum ranges from consulting, conception, software and systems development to the setup and operation of entire test and integration systems.

On the basis of its products and services, Berner & Mattner provides customized software and engineering solutions for the automotive, aerospace, industrial automation, transportation, and defence industries. By means of its integrated modelbased approach, Berner and Mattner optimizes its customers' efficiency and quality in software and systems development. This is why well- known companies such as Audi, BMW, Daimler, Deutsche Bahn, EADS Germany and Siemens have been placing their trust in Berner and Mattner for many years. The privately owned company, with headquarters in Munich, was founded in 1979, currently employs 270 people and has been named a "Bavaria's best 50 for 2009" company.

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