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Follow the sun“ - Systems provider, AZUR Solar, expect a high level of interest at the new Intersolar location in Munich

(PresseBox) (Wangen / Primisweiler, ) “Just as our Head Office is located in the Allgäu, centrally between Freiburg and Munich, the old and new locations for Intersolar, we envisage we will be the central point for all your photovoltaic needs at the exhibition.” This is view of Bernd Sauter, Managing Director of AZUR Solar, about the biggest trade fair for solar technology worldwide.

AZUR Solar currently has 45 employees and offers the complete range of photovoltaic equipment. The company provides customer-orientated solutions for turn-key photovoltaic installations, including all essential components and accessories. Through partnerships with innovative companies, e.g. in the area of cell technology and with other business partners in the solar industry we benefit the customer in the provision of innovative products and leading edge technology.

AZUR Solar’s collaboration with the Diehl Group or rather its sub-group Diehl Controls, the worldwide producer of household appliance components, also has a key part to play. This partnership in the development, production and distribution of inverters represents an important element of the AZUR- portfolio. By supplying all the necessary components to extract of electricity from sunlight, combined with technical support and consultancy, AZUR Solar sees itself in a leading role in the solar renewable energy arena.

Products and benefits –
Innovation at Intersolar: an integrated system with an ambitious design and high yield

To ensure a long service life and a reliable power yield, all solar panels are tested and certified to comply with all of the internationally recognised and applicable standards of performance and safety (IEC 61215; SK II). Furthermore, all the panels are guaranteed to have a minimum nominal power output of 90% over the first 10 years and of 80% over 25 years. AZUR Solar offers a wide range of monocrystalline and polycrystalline high-quality solar panels. We can provide a variety of different panel sizes and power classes ranging from 80 to 230 Wp, thus ensuring there is a suitable panel for almost any project.
In 2008 we will present an innovative solar panel which can be integrated in the roof, combining an architecturally ambitious design with the delivery of a high yield.

AZUR Solar’s slogan “Follow the sun” is particularly fitting for our 2-axis active solar tracker system, which can increase power yield by up to 40% compared to fixed solar arrays of equal size.
The company provides PLATINUM inverters, produced by Diehl Controls, which are setting new standards in terms of quality, operational stability and longevity. They are specifically designed to work under severe operating conditions whilst maintaining a constant conversion efficiency.
With its mounting systems AZUR Solar provides suitable fixings for panels in every area of application, both domestic and commercial.

An example of an innovative mounting solution is the impressive carport construction for caravans, which is sited on the boundary of a golf course in Bad Saulgau.
AZUR Solar’s service includes a guarantee for modules and for all other products, the compilation of individual forecasts of profitability and earnings and support in the application for subsidies. The provision of a maintenance programme and monitoring of the installation are all part of the service offered.

Think global – act local
AZUR Solar operates internationally with subsidiary companies in Spain, Great Britain, Italy, Belgium and also in France. Important reference projects; for complete solutions is Belgium’s biggest solar plant (with 6.000 m²) in Zedelgem and for delivery of PV-modules, the 800 KW for the Spanish free standing plant in Villarrubio.

To reflect the principle “think global – act local” AZUR Solar supports the First Energiegipfel in Isny, based locally to AZUR Solar.
AZUR Solar encourages the ambitious initiative based on Prof. Klaus Pfeilsticker´s (Institute for ecological physics of the University of Heidelberg) concept, changing the energy supply of Isny over to renewable sources by 2050. According to Pfeilsticker´s concept, nearly one third of the electricity supply should be extracted from photovoltaic sources.

Follow the sun – motivation for the Energiegipfel
Taking part in this project is based upon the firm conviction of the AZUR Solar organisation that an energy policy must work with nature and the sun gives us the possibilities and the direction.