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Axiros SNOM Simplifies Enterprise Telephony Management and Configuration

AXESS.snom unifies all phone devices in one single instance and enables administrators to fully manage any snom phone in any environment, with zero-touch provisioning, independent of the PBX that is in use

(PresseBox) (Munich, Germany, ) Axiros, the technology leader in device management, TR-069, and IoT solutions for service providers, enterprises, and OEMs, today announced that it has introduced the perfect solution for network administrators looking to bring snom-based phone systems online in minutes across the enterprise. Axiros' AXESS.snom gives enterprises with 50+ snom phones the ideal software to manage and operate a virtually unlimited number of snom phones from one central management interface with minimum effort and investment.

"We heard over and over that enterprise telephone systems were not able to implement even basic configuration details in snom phones," said Kurt Peterson, CEO of Axiros. "Starting with simple firmware updates to user-specific settings such as forwarding destinations, speed dials or the headset volume, Axiros' AXESS.snom closes these feature gaps by configuring the snom phones on behalf of TR-069 and other protocols."

AXESS.snom allows customers to bring their phone systems up in hours rather than weeks, as the system automatically configures and is optimized for support for the customers' phone system, independent of the PBX. With zero-touch provisioning, AXESS.snom meets customer needs to save time and resources.

It also provides essential configuration methods and support features that are not covered by most PBXs. Its powerful and intuitive Help Desk offers support and there is a Hot Desk function for any PBX. Data from phones can be easily imported (CSV or SOAP). Some other top features of the AXESS.snom out of the box include:

- Compliant with snom 3XX, 7XX and 8XX series
- Easy adjustable csv import for configuration data
- Zero touch provisioning
- XML template engine to assign individual phone configurations to users or phones
- Automated and event based device backup and restore
- Device replacement
- Central access to local phone GUIs
- Firmware management with local firmware storage
- Fully automated change roll out

For more information about Axiros and its AXESS.snom product, please visit the Axiros website.

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The Axiros Advantage: Any protocol, any thing, any service - at any time. A recognized leader in TR-069 and device management, Axiros is extending its reach to the Internet of Things as it provides software solutions and platforms to service providers and equipment manufacturers worldwide to manage and IoT-ize devices. By offering open, scalable, flexible, and modular device and service management solutions for fixed and mobile networks, Axiros has seen adoption by nearly 200 of the world's telecom service providers and operators and an increasing number of OEMs. Axiros manages the bridge between information technology and operations technology, allowing for complete IT/OT integration. Distinguished by domain expertise and innovation, coupled with best-in-class software design, Axiros uniquely delivers the robust management capabilities and solutions its customers need today and in the future as the demand and complexity associated with new services grows.

Founded in 2002, Axiros is able to give direct service worldwide with sales and service offices located in Aarau, Boston, Lisbon, Milan, São Paolo, Singapore and development centers in Germany and Russia - so as needs change, Axiros will be close by to deliver. @axiros1