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Alesta® ZeroZinc Anticorrosion Primer – the best-in-class and environmentally safe choice

Corrosion protection tailored to different substrates

(PresseBox) (Köln, ) Alesta® ZeroZinc stands for the next generation of zinc-free anticorrosion primers from Axalta Coating Systems. The innovative powder primer not only combines best-in-class corrosion protection and environmental sustainability but also offers solutions ideal matched to different substrates.

Corrosion causes enormous damages every year which lead to high costs for maintenance and repair. Thus, an ideal corrosion protection offers great potential across all branches for reducing costs, enhancing operating reliability of products, parts and metal constructions as well as saving resources. Additionally job-shop coaters and companies with in-house painting facilities can strengthen their competitiveness through optimisation of corrosion protection.

An appropriate solution for each need
The Alesta® ZeroZinc range of products provides an optimum solution for every substrate to be coated. „Steel Prime“ is the ideal solution to protect ferrous metals from corrosion. „Edge Prime“ stands for a formulation which has been developed especially for coating steel and aluminum substrates with sharp edges. It is characterized by its exceptional high viscosity during the curing process. With „Antigassing Prime“ the Alesta® ZeroZinc product range offers a tailored solution for degassing substrates, galvanised steel and metallisation.

Reinforced barrier effect
The primers are formulated using High Density Crosslinking (HDC) technology. It strengthens the barrier effect: all Alesta® ZeroZinc anticorrosion primers create a completely sealed coating that isolates the substrate from its environment. Superb adhesion properties and excellent resistance to mechanical and chemical exposure are additional characteristics of the protective layer. Typically the primer coated surface can be easily coated over with powder and liquid topcoats.

Environmentally sound and durable
Besides outstanding protection properties environmental sustainability becomes more and more important when it comes to anticorrosion primers. Alesta® ZeroZinc can score with both. Its eco friendliness results from the formulation without zinc and heavy metals. Thus the epoxy anticorrosion primer is exempt from labelling requirements for hazardous substances.

Approved under most severe conditions
There are virtually no limits to the application of Alesta® ZeroZinc, because the primers have proved their outstanding properties regarding corrosion protection and durability according to DIN ISO 12944-6. They fulfil the requirements up to class C5-I long. In combination with an adequate pre-treatment, the primers provide durable best-in-class corrosion protection even under most severe conditions such as aggressive atmosphere, high humidity, and extreme climate.

Economic advantages for many applications
Due to its low density Alesta® ZeroZinc anticorrosion primers not only enable for easier application and optimised recycling, but also increase productivity: more square meters can be coated per kilogram primer. Primed parts can be stored awaiting to be overcoated with topcoat, and thanks to the excellent intercoat adhesion the topcoat can be applied without prior grinding. Another advantage is the reduced wear on the coating equipment, e. g. electrode, venture and pistol parts, which originates from less abrasiveness of zinc-free primers.
These advantages qualify Alesta® ZeroZinc for many applications. The spectrum ranges from parts and metallic structures used in architecture, outdoor furniture, ironwork, vehicle chassis and bodies, agricultural equipment to industrial machinery and many other applications.


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