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sango modular solution: AURES presents its new till management and EPOS system

(PresseBox) (Fürstenfeldbruck, Lisses, ) The AURES Group unveils the sango box and sango touchscreen, two complementary items of equipment in its new modular offer for till management and EPOS solutions at points of sale and service.

Fully in keeping with AURES' spirit, style and  EPOS colourful concept, the slim sango touchscreenis visually attractive from the front, behind and in profile.  Connected to the sango box, the new associated retail PC, it  forms the backbone of a robust, reliable modular configuration. 

sango box:  the power and performance of the sango integrated EPOSin an ultra-compact fanless retail PC  

The sango box, a new retail PC developed by AURES, is robust, reliable, safe, long-lasting and easy to maintain. Its small size (214 x 64 x 170mm) means it can be integrated into both the front office - cash desk - and back office - for example, as a server. Its flexible mounting system (angle brackets) facilitates quick and easy installation, whether flat, vertically or horizontally, on or underneath sales counters. 

A fanless system, it is adapted for harsh environments. The PC has a 2.5" SSD as standard, giving us a solid state device which leads to increased reliability. 

Available in a choice of 4 processor types (including an Intel Ivy Bridge i5 Fanless), the sango box enables your IT installations to be tailor-made, adjustable and long-lasting. 

The design of this hi-tech object is a subtle combination of impeccable materials and finishes (for example, its multiple connection ports have been designed to be very discreet and a  invisible).

This retail PC is available in a range of 7 sango colours: the standard model is black (black aluminium clip-on cover). A mix & match colour range of polycarbonate covers is also available as an optional extra (black, white, red, blue, orange, grey and cassis).

sango touchscreen: a multi-touch, projected, capacitive screen with a clean-lined, innovative design 

This touch monitor is the essential complement to the sango box to which it is connected: elegant, ultra-slim and with no edges, it fits into all sales areas. With its 7 modular colours, it matches all visual identities. 

Its projected, capacitive panel (PCAP technology) enables a multi-touch function, providing optimized touchscreen precision, sensitivity and reactivity. This high-performance monitor is resistant to jolts and scratches and has improved brightness and colour intensity. 

The ergonomic design includes 2 front USB ports and a stand enabling all cables to be completely hidden away. Finally, it is compatible with all associated sango peripherals (integrated 1D and 2D scanners, card and Dallas key readers, integrated or free-standing (external) customer displays, etc.).

sango box benefits

- Fanless system
- 4 types of processor available, including a fanless i5
- 2.5'' SSD flash disk
- RAM memory with 2-8 GB depending on the model
- Multiple, but discreet, connection ports
- Intel HD Graphics 4000 core
- 7 modular colours (polycarbonate covers as an optional extra)
- Robust design (metal) with impeccable finishes
- Supplied with a flexible mounting system (angle brackets)

sango touchscreen benefits

- Compact, slim design
- Multi-touch, projected, capacitive touchscreen (PCAP technology)
- 2 front USB ports
- No visible cables (hidden away in the base and under the stand)                   
- 7 modular colours (polycarbonate covers)
- Compatible with all sangoperipherals

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AURES Technologies GmbH

Founded in 1989 and listed on Euronext since 1999, the AURES Group manufactures EPOS systems and related peripherals. Its PC-based hardware and open-system equipment provides management and till functions to all points-of-sale and points-of-service including specialist food and non-food stores, retail outlets, superstores and catering and hospitality.

The consolidated AURES Group has global presence, with its head office in France, subsidiaries in the UK, Germany, Australia and the USA, and distributors and resellers in 50+ countries.

The number of systems and EPOS terminals marketed by the AURES Group since 2009 is over 200,000 units, for annual sales exceeding €50 million.