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Users Collaborate to Find Insights Using The New Attensity Discover 4.1, Available Today

New product release enables insights discovery across Internet and Internal data so users can monitor markets, the competition, and more with sophisticated semantic search and analytics

(PresseBox) (Kaiserslautern, Germany, ) Attensity Europe GmbH today released its semantic discovery application Attensity Discover 4.1. The new Attensity Discover release supports companies in the areas of market, competitive, and corporate intelligence by monitoring mass stores of both Internal and Internet data and enabling users to collaboratively discover insights in this data. The software enables corporate researchers and analysts to search and discover all relevant structured and unstructured information from documents, databases and e-mails, as well as Web sites and social media platforms such as Web forums, blogs, wikis, Twitter and networks like Facebook, LinkedIn and XING. Through intelligent semantic indexing and search, combined with groundbreaking linguistic technologies that enable deeper analytics, Attensity Discover gathers only the specific information that is needed at the moment and puts it into a comprehensible context, allowing companies to identify, quickly and simply, new trends in technology, competitors’ activities, complaints and customer requests. The application automatically recognizes related concepts and communicates them to the user visually through charts, graphs and tables.

“In every market, being able to access and process large amounts of information, quickly and automatically is an important competitive advantage. Expanding discovery activities across both corporate data, and from external sources on the Internet and in Web 2.0 is critical to success.” says Harald Zapp, managing director of Attensity Europe. “The new Attensity Discover 4.1 automatically manages the research and discovery process by carrying out a federated search against all your data, both internal and external, including the “deep semantic Web”, returning summaries of those insights and a collaboration portal for users to leverage to drive business insights and action faster.”

Collaborative Discovery

With Attensity Discover, users do more than just search for information that is relevant to their companies – they carry out the entire discovery process in a collaborative fashion. Information about markets, customers, competitors, technologies etc. can be easily assigned to the person focusing on a specific discovery area via tasks and users can share and collaborate on discovery outcomes through the included collaborative portal.

Attensity Discover 4.1 Includes:

• Discovery tasks and research notes for collaboration
Attensity Discover assists users in the discovery and analysis process across teams via user defined tasks. Discovered content can then be assigned, annotated, grouped by topic and then shared across work groups. The insights garnered from the process can be defined and automatically recognized for continued use in the knowledge model so that no research results are lost and all results are clearly structured and available for continued discovery activities.

• Federated search
In addition to carrying out an internal search of imported data, Attensity Discover’s federated search capability integrates Web-based search engines from intranets or the Internet. These search engines can be combined easily and seamlessly, without the need for time-consuming API programming. After a simple configuration process, users can send their queries to several Web-based search engines and receive a readily understandable summary of the results making it easy for users to discover insights across both internal and external sources.

• Integrated Web scraper
While a conventional Web crawler reads in the entire HTML code of a Web site (including advertising and navigation information) by following the links from the home page, Attensity Discover’s integrated Web scraper has the ability to extract relevant contents while ignoring others. In addition, it offers script-controlled access not only to linked pages, but also to Web forms, including menus and buttons. The included web scraper enables relevant content from any type of Web site to be included in the discovery process, along with content found through external search engines as all content is included in the federated index.

Screenshots of Attensity Discover:

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