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Latest AMD SeaMicro Micro Server Citrix Ready®

SeaMicro SM10000-XE(TM) Server Now Enables XenServer® 6 Networking and Virtualization Solutions for Consolidation and Business Continuity

(PresseBox) (Sunnyvale, Calif., ) AMD (NYSE: AMD) today announced that Citrix Systems, Inc. has verified the SeaMicro SM10000-XE(TM) server as Citrix Ready® to run XenServer® 6, a complete managed server virtualization technology that enables companies to cost-effectively consolidate servers and ensure business continuity. The AMD team completed a rigorous verification process to ensure compatibility with the industry-leading XenServer® platform, which is widely acknowledged as one of the fastest and most secure virtualization products in the industry.

"As a member of the Citrix Ready program, we are able to offer customers intelligent solutions that combine our SM10000-XE server with Citrix XenServer 6," said Andrew Feldman, general manager of AMD Data Center Server Solutions group. "This comprehensive offering is just one example of how we are working closely with our technology partners to provide the highest quality experience for our customers."

The SeaMicro SM10000-XE server is the highest-density, most energy-efficient system available, using half the power, one-third the space and delivering up to 12 times the bandwidth of today's best-in-class server. The system delivers 10 gigabits of network bandwidth to each socket for an industry-leading 2.5 gigabits per core. Moreover, the SeaMicro SM10000-XE eliminates the need for expensive switches and load balancers and is plug-and-play, all in a single 10-RU system. The SeaMicro SM10000-XE enables accelerated deployments while providing outstanding performance for security and cloud environments.

The SM10000-XE is built around SeaMicro's Freedom(TM) Fabric ASIC-the industry's first second-generation fabric chip. The Freedom Fabric ASIC contains three key patented technologies:

- SeaMicro's Input/Output (I/O) Virtualization Technology, which eliminates all but three components from SeaMicro's motherboard-CPU, DRAM, and the ASIC itself-thereby shrinking the motherboard, helping to reduce power, cost and space.

- SeaMicro's TIO(TM) ("Turn It Off") technology, which enables SeaMicro to further power-optimize the motherboard by consolidating functionality and turning off unneeded CPU and chipset functions. Together, SeaMicro's I/O Virtualization Technology and TIO technology produce small and power-efficient motherboards.

- The Freedom Supercompute Fabric, which ties these small, power-efficient motherboards together with an industry leading 1.28 terabits-per-second of bandwidth. The Freedom Supercompute Fabric is built of multiple Freedom ASICs working together to create a multi-dimensional torus-delivering a low latency, massive bandwidth fabric with exceptionally low power draw.

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1/2 the power or twice the compute per-watt based on a comparison of same throughput achieved by 28 traditional 2P Hex Core 1U Westmere rack servers @ 7300 total watts at 100% utilization and 64 1P SeaMicro servers in a single 10U chassis at 3,550 total watts at 100% utilization, running SPEC_intrate and SPEC_fprate workload. 1/3 the floor space or three times the compute-per-unit space is based on a comparison of 28 1U traditional dual socket hex core servers plus 1RU rack switch and 1RU terminal versus one SeaMicro chassis at 10U. 12X throughput is based on a traditional Dual socket platform with 12 cores (2 socket x six cores) and 2x1GB NICs (2 Gig/12 cores = 167 Mbps bandwidth per core) compared to a SeaMicro single socket server 4 cores and aggregated bandwidth of up to 8 1 Gig NICs for each socket (8 Gig/4 cores = 2Gbps bandwidth per core) 2/.167 = 12


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