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Auto Landing Released for Aibotix X6 Aerial Robot

Completely automatic landing adds to safety and operational ease of advanced multi-copter UAV

(PresseBox) (Kassel, ) Aibotix GmbH, maker of a new generation of vertical take-off and landing unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), today announced automated landing features for its Aibotix X6 model. Autonomous landing is the latest addition to multi-sensor, intelligent guidance systems that make the X6 the safest and easiest to operate commercial UAV.

The X6 has been recognized as the only UAV that is practical for application professionals to operate by themselves. Photographers, surveyors, engineers, maintenance inspectors, and public safety officials can safely maneuver equipment without the distraction of directing pilots where to fly. With automated landing, the Aibotix X6 sets new standards for completely intuitive operation. "Take-offs and landings are the times most prone to accidents when flying remote-controlled craft," says Joerg Lamprecht, managing director of Aibotix. "With fully automatic landing, completing a round-trip mission with the X6 is simple. Piloting is easy for people with no prior experience flying model aircraft," he added.

Dr. Friedhelm Michael of Aibotix customer Dr. Michael GEOMATICS explains, "Our expertise is in geographic information systems. Now, with auto landing, we are confident that surveyors can control the X6 directly for the entire assignment. X6 auto landing enables us to work faster and more accurately, which means we not only save on operating cost, but also do a better job for the customer."

Auto landing is available now and is included in the Aibotix X6 at standard pricing. Payload and performance specifications are unchanged with auto landing, and it is compatible Aibotix X6 camera suspensions for still and video cameras. More information is available at the Aibotix Webpage.

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The name Aibotix is emblematic of the company's two core technologies (AI from artificial intelligence and BOTIX from robotics). Founded in 2010, Aibotix develops and produces high-quality, intelligent flying machines that are particularly easy to operate due to their high degree of automation. Various cameras and sensors are available for particular tasks, especially those where human-piloted craft entail high risk and expense, such as aerial industrial inspection of wind turbines or outdoor cables.

Aibotix was founded by a team of experienced entrepreneurs who have worked intensively on advanced image processing, sensor technology and robotics for many years. Aibotix is represented in 14 countries and provides quality support and service worldwide. Sound financials and strong growth potential make Aibotix attractive to investors. Aibotix GmbH employs 28 people, and is headquartered in Kassel, Germany.